Melissa Explains It All
S1 episode 1 Aired on June 4, 2019

Meet The Radkes 

Melissa Radke is the matriarch of the Radke clan, which includes her husband, David, and two children, Remi and Rocco. Being a mother can be a tough job, especially when Melissa decides that Remi is ready for “The Talk.” After a failed attempt involves singing a song about the birds and the bees at a drive-thru, Melissa decides to let her Aunt Melba, the woman who gave Melissa her own “talk,” carry on the tradition with Remi.  


Brisket Wars 

On a break from handling the birds and the bees, Melissa and David get caught up in a battle over who can cook the better brisket. David monitors his meat with dedication and precision (and a video camera), as Melissa attempts a more laid-back approach to the cooking that does not include any audio-visual component. They gather the whole family together to serve as the judges and David’s brisket wins by a landslide, though the family maintains that both were delicious.  


The Talk 

Eventually, Melissa sits down with Remi to tell her that she wants them to be able to talk about everything so that Remi can eventually have open conversations with her own daughter someday. She does not want Remi to need to call up Aunt Melba to continue the family tradition twenty years down the line. Melissa manages to answer Remi’s questions without any more diagrams from Aunt Melba.