Melissa Radke

Melissa is a mom to two, a wife to one and the perfect Southern combination of sweet tea and hairspray.

Melissa and David live in the small East Texas town she was born and raised in, Lufkin Texas. She married David in 1994 and they moved to Nashville Tennessee to follow their dreams. Melissa decided to move back to Texas after her children were born because as she puts it, “The barbecue is better and the babysitting is free.”

She has a degree in commercial music performance and does absolutely nothing with it. She does write, however, and recently published her first book, Eat Cake. Be Brave. She hosts a weekly podcast called “Ordinary People. Ordinary Things.” which debuted at #1 on iTunes. In her spare time she creates videos for social media racking up over 150 million views worldwide, and she burns parenting books in her fireplace.