Hail Mary
S2 episode 9 Aired on December 10, 2019

The Purge is here. Clint and the neighbors lay siege to Marcus and Michelle’s house. Ryan and his team attempt to save Tommy from execution. Ben meets his match. NFFA surveillance boss Curtis tells his team, “I know it’s Purge Night, people, but Esme Carmona is our number one priority.”

Ryan’s crew attempts Tommy rescue mission

Tommy’s Purge Night execution isn’t your typical gallows affair. Tonight, he’s prey to a group of people who have shelled out large sums to hunt him and his fellow prisoners in the woods. Ryan, Doug, and Sara pony up the entrance fee before learning that they are only allowed to used muskets. They are spotted by Silas Barker, the wealthy man whose house they broke into.


Out in the woods, Silas shoots at Ryan; Ryan shoots back, killing Silas’ brother, Paul. Later, Ryan takes a tranq dart to the back. He wakes up buried to his neck in dirt and sees Silas digging a hole. Just as Silas pours a pile of dirt on Ryan’s head, he is shot through the head. Tommy, Sara, and Doug arrive and save Ryan before he suffocates underneath the dirt.


Ryan reveals that he tipped off the Jackals to steal the bank’s money from Ziv while they rescued Tommy. There’s still four hours left until the Purge ends. Their night isn’t over yet. “Let’s go be thieves,” Tommy says.

Esme invades the NFFA, with help from the Foundation

Esme heads to the Foundation headquarters. Skye the hacker thinks her plan is insane—in a good way. She sets up fake Esmes walking around the streets and drives Esme to the NFFA surveillance center. Suddenly, a Purger shoots at them, causing Skye to veer and crash. As Esme crawls out of the wrecked car, the Purger recognizes Esme from the bounty. She flees and activates the jammer, which causes the NFFA to temporarily lose power. She enters the NFFA building’s back door, locks it, and calls Vivian. They’re going to meet up.


Ben meets his match in the cemetery

Ben’s not done wreaking havoc on his fraternity. He duct tapes Turner’s wrists, stands over him, and tells him, “If you kill Scott, I’ll let you live.” When Turner refuses, Ben duct tapes a machete to his hands and forces him to drive it into Scott’s chest. Turner runs off, but Ben wanted them to Purge together. He dons the GOD mask, chases Turner into a cemetery and comes face to face with another Purger in a GOD mask—then several others. As they start to close in on him, he kills one, then runs for it. The hunter has become the hunted.

Marcus and Michelle defend their house

Clint and the neighbors breach the outer door of Marcus’ house and hurl Molotov cocktails inside. Marcus raises the Purge gate, and Clint sends Sam to deliver a message—Marcus can spare the others’ lives if he gives himself up. The Purge gate falls just as Sam is underneath it, and he is pulled inside. Marcus stitches up Sam’s chest and offers to trade Sam for Clint. The neighbors think this is a good idea. 


Inside, Marcus tells Cint that violence won’t solve anything. Clint seems to agree—then unexpectedly takes out a knife and stabs Michelle in the neck. Marcus goes into doctor mode but can only do so much. With hospitals closed, he and Andre load Michelle into his truck and heads to a triage center. The neighbors do not stop them; instead they surround Clint. En route, Marcus and friends hit somebody in the street. It’s Ben; they put his limp, barely conscious form in the bed of their truck and continue to the triage center. Ben’s GOD mask lays in the street, shattered in two.