Before the Sirens
S2 episode 8 Aired on December 3, 2019

12 hours remain until Purge. Marcus gets ready to taken on Clint and the neighbors, Ryan the banks, and Esme the NFFA and the world. And then there’s Ben, who is ready to wreak havoc on anyone who tries to stop him.

Marcus takes drastic measures to protect Darren

Marcus tells Darren, “No matter what happens tonight, I promise I’m gonna keep you safe.” Later, he pulls over to the side of the road and breaks Darren’s arm with a monkey wrench so that the hospital, the only place that can protect Darren from the NFFA, will admit him. Darren is furious and in immense pain, but as Marcus tells him, “this is how you stay alive.”

Marcus and Michelle share a romantic dinner together before strapping up their weapons. With an hour until Purge, Marcus’ old friend, Andre, and ex-wife Tania unexpectedly arrive, to aid with the Purge Night defense. Marcus looks at Ivory Road—the hit has been taken down. And sure enough, out in front of his house, Clint, Sam Turner, and the rest of the neighbors creep towards his front door.

Ryan and Esme face last-minute obstacles

As they commence final preparations for the plane heist, Ryan tells Esme, “We get through this, and we are out of this country forever. But we gotta get through the night.” Ryan explains to Doug, Sara, and Sergeant Ziv that the jammer has to be perfectly timed—if they go too early, the banks will have to time initiate a plan B. They face additional obstacles, unforeseen obstacles, as the access road along the airport is closing and the NFFA is sending reinforcements. Not to worry; Esme has an idea.

Esme proposes her plan to Vivian

NFFA head Curtis explains that Esme will likely make a move during the Purge, and encourages Vivian not to hesitate to tag her. With three hours until Purge, Vivian meets Esme in an alley. Esme asks her to place a false tag five blocks from the airport and 50 minutes before the sirens.

Ryan goes off-script at a critical juncture

Esme’s plan works; the NFFA clear the road with less than an hour until Purge. Just when everything seems to be in place, Ryan goes off-script and prematurely hits the jammer. As the sirens blare, Ziv realizes that the Jackals have loaded up the trucks. They shoot her dead, mow down her policemen, and drive away. Ryan knew they were coming. He has a new rescue target: Tommy, who is scheduled to be executed tonight. “Let’s go get our boy,” Ryan says.

Frat house horror scene

Turner attempts to organize his dwindling fraternity brothers to fortify their house in the hours leading up to Purge. They are all concerned for—and terrified of—Ben. Turner walks into Ben’s room to find a crossbow and Ben shaving his head, in preparation to go out to Purge. Turner sneaks a look in Ben’s journal and finds disturbing drawings of knives, bloodied pig’s heads, and the GOD mask. Turner and his frat bros confront Ben about the journal. An altercation breaks out, and Turner gains control of the crossbow but doesn’t have the nerve to shoot Ben. Ben leaves the house, then sneaks upstairs, where he gag ties a fraternity brother named Scott and puts Turner in a sleeper hold. Downstairs, Ben hosts the most sadistic of games; beer pong, except the loser dies. He shoots the losing side dead and slits another brother’s throat. He dons the GOD mask and chases Turner upstairs and grabs him before he can escape.