Happy Holidays
S2 episode 6 Aired on November 19, 2019

Only four months remain until the next annual Purge. Ben feels the pressure as the “Campus Killer” becomes a national news story; Marcus comes face to face with the man who put a hit on him. Ryan endures a power play from his crooked former police boss; and the NFFA ramps up his efforts to track down Esme, who finds refuge in the most unlikely of places. Read on to get caught up on season two of The Purge.


Ben’s girlfriend realizes he’s the Campus Killer

The murders at Ben’s school have become big news. Even Bobby Sheridan (the popular radio host and Purge advocate prominently featured in season one) is discussing the “Campus Killer.” “No one’s seen an off-Purge murder in years, let alone two,” says Ben’s friend, Tucker. Cops question Ben, and even though he can’t corroborate his alibi, they let him go. School goes on break, and he takes his girlfriend Kellen to stay with his mother and strange, aggressive older brother, Logan, upstate. Ben snaps at Logan at dinner, “I’d love to see what the Campus Killer would do to you!” and then heads outside in the middle of the night to dispose of evidence. But the GOD mask is still hidden in the lining of his suitcase, and when he goes to shower, a suspicious Kelen opens his bag and discovers it. 


Marcus meets the man who tried to Purge him

Marcus is still reeling from the double-blow of Michelle’s admission of her affair and the realization that her lover, Sam Tucker, put out a Purge hit on him. He uses Michelle’s phone to summon Sam to their house. Sam arrives with his wife, April. Marcus accuses Sam of trying to Purge him through Ivory Road. When Sam denies it, Marcus pulls out a gun, and with Michelle’s help he uses duct tape to tie up Sam and April. “Nobody is going anywhere until we solve this,” Marcus says. He forces a confession from Sam by holding his head over an open flame on the stove, and convinces Sam to take down the hit. But the hit is still up, down from $75,000 to $65,000. “You don’t get it,” Sam says, “I wasn’t the only one.” Marcus realizes he has more enemies; his other neighbors put a Purge hit on him, too.


Ryan’s old boss takes control of the plane heist

Ryan details the Purge heist plan to Sara, Doug, and his old police boss, Sergeant Ziv. The plans will wait to the Purge sirens to take off in order to preserve fuel. He’ll activate the jammer right before the sirens. Ziv suspects he’s not telling the whole plan, and uses her leverage—her power to turn them in for breaking into the Barker mansion—to take control of the operation and add four of her men, so that the loot will be split eight ways rather than four.


Esme becomes public enemy #1

Walls are closing in on Esme. When she goes up to meet up with Darren in an alley, he reveals that he’s wearing a mic. As she leaves their meeting, a man gets out of his car and follows her, and another woman attempts to tase her. Curtis, the NFFA surveillance captain, tells his team that “she has committed an act of treason” and that her situation constitutes a “priority 1 manhunt.” The NFFA taps into CCTV cameras and every citizen’s smartphone; with advanced facial recognition software, they have eyes virtually everywhere.


Esme uses her NFFA credentials to demand entry to Ryan’s compound, and begs him for help. He hides her when the NFFA arrives and presents a warrant to search the place. When they leave, he cuffs Esme to a pole and demands to know the truth. She explains that she thinks she can prove the NFFA is killing innocent people off-Purge. She also explains how she tracked him earlier in the season. Ryan invites her to join his crew, and introduces her to a skeptical Sara and Doug.