House of Mirrors
S2 episode 5 Aired on November 12, 2019

In episode five, Ryan resorts to drastic measures when his scheme doesn’t go as planned; Marcus learns the identity of the man who tried to Purge him; Ben kills yet again; Esme’s tragic family history revealed. Read on to get caught up on season two of The Purge.

Ben can’t stop killing people

Ben has been reading up on literature written by the woman who founded the Purge. He complains about the one-day-a-year restriction on Purging to his new Purger friend, Andy, while they play video games in a dorm: “How can something be good one day and wrong the next?” He brags about killing the berry farmer; when he realizes he’s said too much, he stabs his friend and bolts out. He realizes he’s left his wallet and sneaks back in amidst of a fire alarm evacuation to recover it. His wallet is still there, but the body is gone. Ben follows the blood trail to the elevator, but he’s too late. The elevator is already going down. Moments later, the doors open, revealing his friend’s dead, bloodied body to a lobby full of stunned students.

Esme’s tragic family history revealed

Esme’s family history is even more tumultuous than we could have believed. After her mother died 10 years ago, her father started beating her sister, Sofia. When Esme discovers this, she brings Sofia to live on her couch. But Sofia remains troubled; she’s reluctant to go to therapy with Dr. Adams, and she eventually runs away. Esme denies her father entrance to her house on Purge Night. The Purge siren wails, and she listens on, conflicted, as Purgers go after her terrified father.

Esme recruits an NFFA dissenter to her mission

Esme recruits a young woman from anti-NFFA organization to help her prove that Olivia Hughes was murdered. It’s going to have be a team effort; Esme will need to provide a direct link to the NFFA’s system to avoid raising alarms. Their progress is halted when Esme finds a mic sewed into the lining of her purse. Someone is spying on her.

Ryan risks it all to get to the vault

Carl’s initial attempt to install a device on a safe owned by the rich, pro-NFFA Barker family fails. Enter Plan B: breaking and entering the Barker estate off-Purge. While Ryan and Sara succeed in planting the device on the safe, Doug is unable to maintain his surveillance of the Barkers at the local golf course, and they come back and shoot Carl in the head. They close their mansion’s Purge gate and a standoff ensues. Ryan and Sara get out by calling the police. They are arrested and promptly released when they agree to cut in their former boss. Eight years later, she’s still crooked.

Marcus makes a startling discovery about Michelle 

Marcus gets several responses to his Ivory Road post and meets one seemingly legitimate user in a parking garage. The man, Albert, tells Marcus he can deliver the culprit’s name. “But names have consequences, and they come at a price,” he warns. Shortly thereafter, he unexpectedly shows up at Marcus’ house with a man with an infected leg. Marcus performs emergency surgery on his dining room table, and Albert delivers the name as promised: a man named Sam Tucker. The name prompts a confession from Michelle. She and Sam Tucker had an affair.