Grief Box
S2 episode 4 Aired on November 5, 2019

With less than a month to go until the next Purge, the nation observes Remembrance Day, a holiday dedicated to the memory of those killed on Purge Nights past. Ryan pays Tommy a visit in prison; Marcus learns his assassin grew up on the same street as him; Ben meets an enthusiastic Purger who attends his college; and Esme realizes the vast implications of Dr. Adams’ experiment. Read on to get caught up on season two of The Purge.

Ryan’s crew adds a new member

Ryan’s crew tests out their jammer, which they intend to use to disable the bank’s airplanes. The jammer works, but they still need to figure out how to get it into the vault before it’s loaded onto the plane. Ryan looks to Tommy for help; he goes to meet Tommy in jail and tells him he needs a bank employee with vault access. Tommy recommends an employee he knows named Carl but warns that he can be erratic. Ryan meets up with Carl in a strip club parking lot and agrees to give him a cut on the score in exchange for getting them to the vaults before they are loaded onto the planes.

A Purger neutralized, 14 years ago

14 years ago, Marcus, his family, and their close friends hunkered down for Purge Night inside their boarded-up house armed with little more than baseball bat and a gun. When a Purger attempted to break in with a chainsaw, another intruder snuck in and put a knife to Marcus’ ex-wife Tonya’s throat. She recognized his voice as a student named Eli from the school she taught at, and calmly coaxes him into handing over his knife. She comforts Eli as he collapses into her arms. “You got family here.”

Marcus attacks the wrong man

Marcus’ private investigator has a new lead: Marcus and the assassin grew up on the same street. “That can’t be a coincidence,” Marcus tells Michelle. Later, at a Remembrance Day barbecue at Tonya’s house, he spots a black truck that looks suspiciously like the one that tried to run him down months earlier. He attacks the driver of the truck, Andre, a man whom he’s known for years. Darren points out the differences in Andre’s truck to an embarrassed Marcus. After hearing from Tonya that a man came around asking about him last summer, he goes home and writes a post on Ivory Road in hopes of uncovering his attacker’s identity.

Ben befriends a Purger enthusiast

Ben is surprised to learn that the berry farmer he murdered three months prior has been officially ruled dead by heat stroke. At a Remembrance Day Sale at Purge USA, a retailer for crossbows, ninja stars, bleach, knives, guns, he meets an enthusiastic Purger who goes to his school. They attend a frat party together, and the Purger encourages him to kill Turner. He almost carries out the deed with a hunting knife but, stops short when he sees Turner crying over his dead brother. Ben picks a different target; after the party, he follows an anti-Purger activist as she walks home from the party. He approaches her from behind in a dark tunnel and places the GOD mask onto his face.

The vast implications of Dr. Adams’ study

Darren brings Esme Dr. Adams’ covert study, which sought to understand violence addiction. If Adams hypothesis proved to be true, it would go against the NFFA’s claim that the Purge releases and compartmentalizes rage. Esme runs the numbers of test subjects and learned that they are all dead—all except one, a woman named Olivia Hughes. Esme goes to Hughes house and finds her body in the bathtub. At work, she pours over surveillance video from Hughes’ final days at her house, only to find some of the footage strangely omitted. She calls up the detective on the case, who tells her the her the case has been closed, and Hughes death has been ruled a suicide. Esme’s boss watches this all play out through a camera implanted in Esme’s computer monitor. The jig might be up.