S2 episode 3 Aired on October 29, 2019

In episode three, Ben attempts to take out his urge to kill on farm animals; Marcus suspects his wife of orchestrating the Purge Night attempt on his life; Ryan proposes an ambitious heist to his crew, with Esme hot on his tail. Read on to get caught up to date on Season 2 of The Purge.

Ben kills again

Ben is having intimacy issues with his girlfriend. She prescribes him strawberries— “nature’s Viagra.” He drives out to a farm that he read was “good for getting out aggression.” He pays the farm proprietor a fee and suits up to kill a cow but can’t bring himself to slay the beast. On his way home, he sees a sign for fresh strawberries. An argument over correct change between him and the berry farmer quickly escalates, and he stabs the old man to death. Later, he admits to Kelen that he Purged. It’s a half-truth; he doesn’t say it happened off Purge Night.

Marcus’ PI tells him that his wife might be behind his attempted murder

Marcus’ private investigator suspects his wife Michelle may be involved in the Purge Night attempt on his life. Marcus sets up GPS tracking on her phone and monitors her from home as she runs errands. Suspicious, he follows her to a remote warehouse, where he eavesdrops on Michelle’s emotional reflections in a group therapy session. He says nothing and cooks up a romantic dinner for her when she gets home. It’s a huge sigh of relief, but he’s not in the clear yet. Later, while he’s out on a run, someone in a black truck swerves and tries to run him over.

Ryan devises an ambitious plan

Tommy pleads guilty at the advice of his court-appointed lawyer. The judge hands down a devastating sentence: death, to be administered next Purge Night. At a bar, the rest of the crew gets together. Ryan informs Doug and Sara that bank removed most of the money from its vault on Purge Night and kept it in planes circling the skies all Purge long. He unfolds his proposal to take the money before it leaves the ground on the next Purge: “This is the score to fund the rest of our lives. This is like breaking into the bank’s bank.”

When robbers were cops

Ryan, Doug, Sara, and Tommy weren’t always out to rob banks. They used to work together as cops—until Purge Night eight years ago. In a flashback, we learn that they used the Purge as an excuse to go after Caruso, the man responsible for the proliferation of drugs in the city. Their mission goes left when they come face to face with the person protecting Caruso: their boss in the police force. The next morning, Ryan resigns from the force. He doesn’t work for crooked cops. Doug, Sara, and Tommy hand in their badges, too, in solidarity.

Esme investigates Ryan’s suspicious activities

Ryan arouses suspicion in the NFFA for repeatedly driving within 1,000 feet of the private airport tarmac. Esme is on his case, and though she deduces that he was involved with the Purge Night bank robbery, she has trouble identifying him. She spies on him at his meeting with his crew at the bar and, back at NFFA surveillance HQ, IDs him as an ex-cop with a heroic past. Later, as she works out of a café, Ryan accosts her and reminds her that he has committed no crime.