Everything Is Fine
S2 episode 2 Aired on October 22, 2019

Purge Night has ended, but the hangover lingers in the days that follow. Ben can't stop thinking about his brush with death. Marcus encounters his attacker in the hospital under unusual circumstances. Ryan searches for an explanation regarding his crew's subpar haul from this year's Purge. Esme investigates the murder of her former mentor.

Ben can't get off his mind off Purge Night

"We got separated," Turner tells Ben's girlfriend Kellen the morning after the Purge. "I don't think he made it." Just then, Ben shows up, drenched in someone else's blood. He tells Kellen he got jumped and insists he's fine, but the truth is that he's not only experiencing recurring flashbacks of the stabbing—he's obsessed with it. He draws his assailant on his sketchpad, goes to the mall to play a Purge simulator, and eventually returns to the scene of the killing, where the GOD mask still rests, splattered in blood.

Marcus comes face to face with his attacker

Marcus can't make heads or tails of the phone he discovered, but he's determined to investigate his attempted murder: "We almost died last night. We need to know who did this," he says to his wife, Michelle. Later, he gets a lead at the hospital where he works as a doctor. The hospital is an absolute war zone the day after the Purge. Marcus recognizes the markings on a patient's hand from the night before and interrogates the patient on the operating table. Before he succumbs to his wounds, the man gasps out two words: "Ivory Road." Later, Marcus' son, a college student named Darren, informs him that Ivory Road is an online marketplace for illegal activity and shows him how to access it on the phone he found. Marcus opens the disguised Ivy Road app and finds a 75-thousand-dollar bounty that's still out on his head.

Tommy surrenders to police

Ryan, the leader of the crew of bank robbers, walks through the post-Purge wreckage to the retirement home where his sick mother lives and hands the receptionist several bundles of cash. "This should take care of rest of the year," he tells her. Later, cops follow Tommy back to the crew's safehouse. He surrenders, along with his duffle bag of cash, only for the cops to savagely beat him. Ryan's remaining partners, Doug and Sara, agree that this year's poor haul didn't justify the risk, and they'll likely opt out next year. Undeterred, Ryan does some snooping and discovers a connection between the bank and a restricted commercial airport.

Esme takes a trip to Drew Adams' house

Esme's boss has news—last night was the biggest Purge in New Orleans history, with a 30 percent uptick in every district. He urges her to close up files from last night, but she's still preoccupied with the shooting of Professor Drew Adams, who helped her get through the darkest period of her life. She obtains audio from inside Adams' house at the time the two masked men arrive and heads there to literally retrace Adams' steps. She discovers a secret compartment located inside the staircase that holds a cassette player with audio from one of Adams psychology experiments. Adams asks a test subject: "Do you still think about violence?" The test subject responds, "All I think about is violence."