S2 episode 10 Aired on December 17, 2019

Everything comes to a head in the season finale of The Purge. Ryan’s crew goes after the Jackals to take what’s theirs; Ryan and Esme team up to take down the NFFA; and Ben goes on a killing rampage in the triage center as Marcus performs surgery on a badly wounded Michelle.


We pick things up with three hours remaining on Purge night. In Purge-time, that’s nearly an eternity.

The battle of Ben and Marcus

Marcus arrives at the triage center and summons medical help for both Michelle and Ben. Ben wakes up and promptly escapes from his bed. Marcus successfully performs surgery on Michelle, and when he goes to find another doctor, he senses something is wrong. In a room tucked away in one corner of the center, he finds three dead doctors and another with a violently slashed throat. Ben closes the door behind Marcus and wields a scalpel. He accuses Marcus of robbing Purgers of their “rightful kills” by treating victims. They engage in bitter hand-to-hand combat, and Marcus manages to grab a needle and stab it into Ben’s shoulder. He leaves an incapicated Ben on the curb outside the triage center, for other Purgers to deal with. 


Ryan’s crew takes down the Jackals

Having rescued Tommy, Ryan and his crew go to take the heist money from the Jackals. Using three vehicles, including a burning school bus, they spring an ambush and trap one of the Jackals’ trucks. Ryan attaches an explosive to the truck’s underbelly. Purger “randos” show up to the scene, and a firefight erupts. After Ryan and the crew dispatches the randos and the Jackals, the explosive detonates, giving them access to the cases of money stacked from floor to ceiling in the back of the truck. As they load up the loot, Ryan announces that he’s going to the NFFA surveillance center to help Esme. He insists that this must be a solo mission. “She’s taking down the whole f***ing system,” he says. “I’m gonna take it down with her.”


Esme discovers proof of NFFA corruption

Deep in the heart of the NFFA surveillance center, Esme accesses footage from a mail truck camera and discovers hard evidence that the NFFA killed Olivia Hughes off-Purge. She records the footage on her phone and sets it up to play in the broadcast room, which requires a special key card to access. She meets up with Vivian, who steals the key card but ultimately attracts the attention of their supervisor, Curtis. As they make their way up the stairwell to the broadcast room, Curtis stops them at gunpoint. After he shoots Vivian in the abdomen, Esme fatally shoots him. A wounded Vivian hands Esme the key card and tells her to go on without her: “Just tell everyone.”


Ryan and Esme reunite for a few glorious minutes

Ryan intercepts a squad of NFFA police as they both head in the direction of Esme. He takes them down one by one until Esme arrives to shoot the last policeman dead. Once they access the broadcast room, Ryan takes the key card outside so that Esme can’t leave. With three minutes left, he holds off waves of NFFA officers so that she can broadcast her message to the entire city: that the Purge is founded on lies. Citizens stop and listen as she proclaims that Dr. Adams found proof that the Purge “doesn’t take away our anger, our hatred, and our fears—it fuels them.” Esme reveals that the NFFA murdered Olivia Hughes off-Purge to cover up Dr. Adams study. A new wave of NFFA police arrives and shoots Ryan in the back with seconds remaining until the end of Purge. They arrest Esme at 7:01. At 7:02, two minutes after the final Purge siren, they shoot and kill her, too.


Two months later...

Tommy, Sara, and Doug nurse beers down in Panama City and agree to send a series of substantial wire transfers to fund an anti-Purge activist group in Ryan’s honor. Marcus and Michelle cheer Darren, who works for the anti-Purge group, as he galvanizes a group of supporters. “The NFFA is trying to say what happened to Esme Carmona on Purge Night is fake news,” he says. But it was very real. They shot her after the sirens...our government has created a virus for violence. And it is spreading.” Behind Darren, Esme’s face is stenciled onto a banner that reads “RESIST.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the bowels of the city, Ben sharpens a blade using industrial-grade tools and tries on his GOD mask. For him, there’s always next year...