This Is Not A Test
S2 episode 1 Aired on October 15, 2019

The Purge is back. When we pick things up in season two, America is still in the throes of Purge Night. There are two hours left until 7 AM, at which point citizens can no longer murder, maim, and steal with impunity. Death by gunshot, death by fire, death by axe— It's a bloodbath out there.

Esme witnesses Professor Adams' murder

This isn't Esme's first rodeo. She's worked numerous Purge Nights from the NFFA Surveillance Center in New Orleans, where she monitors the grotesque violence playing out in her district. But tonight, in the waning hours of the Purge, things get personal for her when she notices Professor Drew Adams, a woman who once helped her get out of a "really dark place," outside her home and in jeopardy. She starts surveilling Adams; a band of hooligans ask Adams for a mysterious file, then shoot her dead when she refuses to cooperate. Devastated and suspicious, Esme watches the shooting on repeat. Then, she does something drastic—she discreetly transfers the video of the Adams murder from her co-worker's computer to a USB stick while her co-worker is away from her desk.

An intruder breaches Marcus and Michelle's Purge gate

Michelle and Marcus, a married couple, lay in bed, counting the minutes until Purge Night is over. Suddenly, their protective Purge gate rolls open; Marcus grabs his gun, and an intruder sprays gunfire at him and Michelle. Marcus instructs Michelle to hide and close the barricade before heading out into the night. Outside his neighbor's house, Marcus hides from a blinding spotlight, and the rifle-wielding men who are operating it. As he keeps a low profile inside a car, the masked man who invaded his house peers inside; at that moment, Marcus honks the horn, and the spotlight crew shoot the masked man dead. The Purge ends, and Marcus reunites with his wife, but he still wants to know who breached his Purge gate. While surveying the wreckage on his tree-lined neighborhood street, he realizes the body of the masked man has disappeared. He finds a phone with several pictures of him on it. Someone has targeted him.

Jackals and Purge Night siren foist bank robbery

With precious minutes left on Purge Night, a crew of bank robbers cracks a series of safes and accesses a bank vault, where bundles of cash rise to the ceiling. But the haul isn't what they hoped. "There should be more Benjamins in here," one crew member, Tommy, insists. Moments later, they are ambushed by jackals—thieves who steal from another thieves. As the crew hides behind a wall of bulletproof glass, the jackals drag out Doug, their lookout man, and put a gun to his head. The crew throws a duffel bag of money out the door, causing a bomb to detonate and knock out the Jackals. They escape the bank but remain held up by Tommy, who returns to retrieve the money. NFFA surveillance indicates that he's standing on bank property as the Purge Night siren blares, meaning he's sure to be prosecuted if caught. The crew has no choice but to leave him behind.

Two fraternity brothers head to Suicide Bridge

As murderous bands roam their street, two fraternity brothers named Ben an Turner slink out of their house with the goal of capturing a picture of the so-called "Suicide Bridge." They're terrified, but they can't turn back: "the scavenger hunt is Delta tradition." Suicide Bridge is as grim as the name suggest, as corpses hang from beams on its underside. They snap a picture to prove they were there and hastily make their way back to their frat. They hear a woman pleading from inside a garage; as they get closer to investigate, Ben gets snared in a booby trap and dragged inside. Turner abandons him. A masked figure with GOD written on his forehead appears and stabs the woman in the abdomen. He moves on to Ben as if to make him his sexual prey, but Ben grabs the knife from the woman's stomach and stabs his predator, again and again, as Purge Night comes to a close.