I Will Participate
S1 episode 9 Aired on October 30, 2018

Episode 9 of The Purge begins in the immediate aftermath of the most shocking twist yet. Joe is not a Purge Night savior, but a Purger out for blood. Rick, Jenna, Jane, and Penelope huddle in a large cage. Miguel and Pete are the only ones who can save them. The clock is ticking.

Joe’s kangaroo court

Joe is not agent of chaotic good who protects the weak from the wicked on Purge Night, but rather is himself a Purger out to exact vengeance upon those whom he believes have wronged him. He places Rick, Jenna, Jane, Penelope, and a handful of other people he’s rounded up over the course of the night in a cage that stands on the stage of a school auditorium. He explains how it’s going to work: he is going to place them each on trial, and if their confession is sufficiently “compelling,” he will spare them. Jane remains remarkably composed and quietly galvanizes her fellow captives, reminding them that they outnumber Joe. They can’t give up yet. 

Defendant #1: Charlie the homeless man

Earlier, Joe had extricated Charlie from the control of three Purgers. Now, with his film camera running, he testifies that Charlie bullied him mercilessly back in high school. Charlie at first insists that he doesn’t know Joe, that Joe has the wrong guy, but then confesses and offers a sincere apology. As they embrace, Joe stabs Charlie in his chest.

Defendant #2: Eileen the Saticoy rep

Joe resents Eileen for announcing the closure of the Saticoy factory and the termination of all its employees. She pleads that she was simply the messenger. As Joe opens the cage door to bring her out to stand trial, she bolts for the auditorium exit. As she reaches the door, she activates a trip wire and is instantly killed by a salvo from two mounted guns.

Defendant #3: Jane

Jane’s sin: she offended Joe on a first date by leaving abruptly and paying the bill without saying goodbye. During her trial, Jane declines to confess and goes on the offensive, lecturing Joe on the ethics of killing someone over a bad date. Joe counters that he should be able exercise the same right Jane exercised only hours earlier when she killed David. Jane tells him David’s murder brought her no catharsis, only shame. She knocks the gun from Joe’s grip as he points it at her face. Joe chokes Jane to death in the ensuing scuffle. Next up for trial: Rick and Jenna.

Miguel and Pete hunt Penelope’s captor

After Pete ushers Tavis’ flock into the Cantina, he takes Miguel to his office to plan their hunt of Penelope’s captor. Pete deduces that the captor is a lone wolf and quickly uncovers his identity and home address. They invade Joe’s house and discover that he had been extensively stalking several individuals. They also discover an aerosol canister with a chemical signature that allows him to track his targets, as well as Joe’s dying father, who reveals Joe is inside the local high school. Before Miguel and Pete make it to the school, an RPG hits their car. They narrowly escape.

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