The Giving Time is Here
S1 episode 8 Aired on October 23, 2018

It’s hard to believe that Purge Night only lasts twelve hours. For those attempting to simply survive, every minute feels like an eternity. In Episode 8 of The Purge, we bear witness to a shocking death, then a jaw-dropping twist. Everything is coming into focus.

Penelope goes after Tavis’ school bus 

Miguel and Penelope arrive at Pete’s Cantina, that faithful respite for the weary on Purge Night. But here Penelope achieves little peace of mind, as her periwinkle robe immediately attracts the attention of a major league creep. Pete offers her a change of clothes to make her a bit less conspicuous and informs her that Tavis’ “new religion” is funded by the NFFA in order to dispose of young people living at the margins of society. Flabbergasted, Penelope realizes that she needs to find the bus and save her old comrades from a needless death.

Meanwhile, the creep who had accosted her assembles a 3D-printed handgun and attempts to kill Pete, who had once put his brother in prison, only to be foiled by Miguel. Penelope leaves the bar and wanders the street in search of the school bus. She finds it, stops it, and sprints abroad to tell her friends that Tavis is an NFFA-funded fraud. Tavis admits to these accusations, and Penelope knocks her out cold with a ferocious punch. Then, Joe pulls up and shoots Sam the bus driver and an unconscious Tavis. Miguel arrives at the scene just in time to watch Joe place Penelope in his truck and drive off into the night.

A flashback to Lila’s NFFA initiation

Lila takes a trip down memory lane to a momentous day in her life: her initiation into the New Founding Fathers. She’s getting cold feet -- she can’t go through with it, she tells her parents. Her father gently coaxes her, and she eventually acquiesces to the initiation. Shortly later, at the reception, Mr. Stanton offers a toast to Lila and the well-heeled crowd that has gathered to celebrate her. He summons an 18th birthday gift for her: an old man, who enters the room and sits in a chair. A waiter offers Lila a tray with a revolver and a knife. She picks up the revolver and shoots the man through the head.

The Rick-Jenna-Lila love triangle comes to a dramatic end

Lila surprises Rick by offering him the handshake deal he had made with her father earlier in the evening. Rick respectfully declines, telling her that he needs Jenna’s input. Jenna pulls Lila aside and tells her in no uncertain terms that they are officially through. A devastated Lila takes out her fury on Rick. First, she attempts to bribe him into leaving Jenna. When he refuses, she mocks him brutally -- for growing up poor, for not pulling the trigger on the man Mr. Stanton had “offered” him, and for being a cuckold. Disgusted, he pushes her away and takes a seat on the couch, pondering the gun he had taken off Ross’ body. Lila approaches him from behind and smashes his head with a wooden paddle and seizes the gun. As she stands over Rick and prepares to shoot him dead, Jenna pleads with her and waits until the last possible moment before sliding a knife through Lila’s ribs. Rick and Jenna look on incredulously as Lila bleeds out on their living room carpet.

A shocking twist

Rick and Jenna are not safe yet. Minutes after Lila’s death, their Purge Gate system abruptly disarms itself.

Joe arrives. He places duct tape on Rick and Jenna’s mouths and manacles on their wrists and ankles and hauls them out to the back of his truck, where Penelope, Jane, and the other people he had seemingly rescued sit together in shackles. Joe isn’t their savior. He’s something much worse.