Lovely Dark and Deep
S1 episode 7 Aired on October 16, 2018

In episode seven of The Purge, Rick and Jenna come face-to-face with an intruder in their house; Jane winds up a prisoner in David’s apartment; and Miguel and Penny escape from the Carnival of Flesh and make for safer pastures.

Murder at Rick and Jenna’s

Purge Night has come to the Rick and Jenna household. A masked assailant nearly chokes Lila to death on the front walkway -- she drives her thumbs into his eyeballs and scrambles inside the house, behind the safety of the Purge Gate, but so does the Purger, who sneaks in the side door. Lila tells Rick and Jenna how she escaped the revolutionaries who had overrun her house and heads to bed, eager to put the night behind her. Rick tells Jenna that he questions the veracity of Lila’s escape story. Suddenly, the Purger who attacked Lila bursts into their bedroom -- it’s Ross, the next-door neighbor. He waves his gun and airs his petty grievances -- they park in front of his house, they accidentally chopped down his maple tree -- and appears ready to kill. A fight spills out onto the upstairs landing, where Lila bursts out of her room and stabs Ross in the neck, killing him. Jenna announces they’re selling the house; Lila reveals that it was her dad who saved her from certain death earlier in the night.

David’s heaven, Jane’s hell

Forced to join David’s collection of women posing as “works of art” against their will, Jane remains defiant, if not stoic -- she screams and struggles violently against her bonds. She attempts to appeal to Anya -- her co-worker and the only free woman in the room -- and convinces her to remove the Matron Saints card from her back pocket and call them. As David starts to molest Jane, the lights in the room unexpectedly go out. Joe walks in and fires his shotgun at anyone who dares move. He frees Jane, who, with Anya’s help, frees the other captive women. Before leaving and hopping in Joe’s truck, Jane unceremoniously shoots David in the head. The Matron Saints arrive just as Joe’s truck drives off. 

We learn about Jane’s history

A dive into Jane’s past puts her current struggles into perspective. The granddaughter of Barbadian immigrants, she was a gifted high school student forced to participate in beauty pageants by her mother. The chance to win scholarship money didn’t make the pageants any better -- she was simply disgusted by her mom’s insistence that she must leverage her God-given good looks to succeed in a man’s world.

Miguel and Penelope plunge into the forest

The Carnival of Flesh descends into anarchy -- even the security guards are trying to get out -- and Miguel and Penelope are able to escape with relative ease. They bypass a Purge Night back-alley fight club en route to the cover provided by the woods. Miguel expects Penelope to be overjoyed and grateful that he rescued her, but she is more annoyed than anything. She was ready to be reunited with her parents, and she genuinely believes that Tavis had her best interests in mind. It quickly becomes apparent that the forest is not as safe as they initially believed; a booby trap ensnares Penelope and they narrowly escape a band of would-be captors. Miguel leads Penelope to another, safer destination… he knows a place.