The Forgotten
S1 episode 6 Aired on October 9, 2018

In Episode 6 of The Purge, Jane finds David in his home unscathed; Rick and Jenna attempt to find their bearings back at their home; Miguel and Penelope attempt to escape from Henry’s tent at the Carnival of Flesh; and Joe’s backstory comes into focus. Read on to get caught up to date on everything Purge Night.

Jane gets a big surprise at David’s house

Jane enters David’s house and finds him calm, nursing a whiskey, celebrating the deal, and apparently unscathed by Bracka. She tells him there’s a person coming who is going to kill him, and he takes the news in stride. His easy disposition unnerves her, and when he offers her a tour of his art collection, she gets a bad feeling and flees. As she searches for a way out of the house, as far away from David as possible, she discovers Bracka slumped in a bathtub, dead with a bullet hole in her forehead. David materializes, flanked by two large men, and escorts Jane to his “living, breathing” art gallery -- women tied up around the perimeter of a swanky lounge while his friends hang out admire them. David spouted chauvinistic rhetoric to Jane earlier, and he cranks it up a notch in a toast rhapsodizing about a time when “men were men.” Two men restrain a rebellious Jane at the snap of David’s fingers.

Rick and Jenna home safe, but massive argument

After barely escaping the Stanton party with their lives, Rick and Jenna sprint home and hole up behind the safety of their house’s Purge gate. They immediately launch into a fierce argument. Rick accuses Jenna of going to Lila first after learning of the imminent threat. Jenna retorts that Rick was willing to completely throw his integrity out the window for access to the NFFA’s resources. Jenna calls Lila and appears to hear her fatally gunned down by a revolutionary. Rick attempts to make things right with a peace offering of bacon and eggs. Just when it looks like things are settling down for the night, they hear a frantic banging at their front door and pleading to be let in. It’s Lila -- she’s bloody, but she’s alive.

Miguel and Penelope bust loose

Things are looking bleak for Miguel and Penelope. They are tied up in the tent, and all signs indicate that Henry is about to kill them both. As Henry prepares to end Miguel’s life, Miguel headbutts him, kicks him down, wriggles off his pole, and chokes him to death. There’s no time to pause and take stock of the situation -- he and Penelope still have to escape from the carnival. They are quickly spotted, and within seconds the entire security team is on hot pursuit. Some quick thinking from Miguel causes the carnival to immediately collapse into anarchy. As bedlam consumes the carnival, and they hide themselves on a cart of body bags.

Joe’s backstory emerges

Until now, Joe has been a mysterious presence -- a masked vigilante, a seeming agent of chaotic good who rides around town taking down Purge Night hooligans. Finally, his backstory and sense of purpose come into greater focus. For years, he picked up his Thermos and lunchpail everyday and clocked into his blue-collar job as a welder, where he worked alongside his father. As floor manager, he was more trusting of the company’s management than his more cynical father. Then, one day, he arrives at the factory to find that he and his co-workers have all been laid off. Feeling powerless to combat the injustice that plagues him and millions around the world everyday, he decides to step out on Purge Night and make a difference.