Rise Up
S1 episode 5 Aired on October 2, 2018

Time is rapidly running out for everyone. Jane, wracked by guilt, hopes to reach David in time and stop the mercenary she hired to assassinate him. Rick and Jenna urgently attempt to leave the NFFA party; Penelope is at the complete mercy of her captor; Miguel draws ever nearer to her. 

The NFFA party comes to a violent end

Jenna heeds the warning from Catalina, one of the Stantons’ maids, to leave the party immediately. She attempts to corral Rick, but Mr. Stanton sweeps him away to the celebratory NFFA ceremony, where servants dole out handcrafted blades to partygoers to be used upon the three “offerings.” Rick sneaks off upstairs and finds Jenna, who has unsuccessfully attempted to make contact with Lila. They hear gunfire and look out the window to find a horde of armed anti-NFFA activists storming the house. The activists easily breach the Purge gate and proceed to massacre the NFFA elite inside. Rick and Jenna escape to the basement, where Catalina approaches them, gun in hand, and instructs them on how to escape. A revolutionary unfurls a “Death to the NFFA” banner on the balcony of the mansion and raises his fist in triumph.

Jane hopes it’s not too late to save David

Jane goes with the Matron Saints to intervene in a case of domestic abuse. They invade a house in which a man is in the process of terrorizing his spouse; they promptly tase, bind, and gag him. Jane attempts to dissuade them as they prepare to brand his forehead with a word that will make public his abusive ways. She leaves and drives to David’s house—she hopes she isn’t too late to save him from her the remorseless gun of Bracka. As she climbs his front steps, the door unlocks… someone is inside.

Miguel draws closer to Penelope

Miguel is careful not to betray his disgust at Rex, the collector delivering his landlady and her son to the Carnival of Flesh to be slaughtered. Upon their arrival at the carnival, Miguel makes his move. He punches Rex and chokes him into unconsciousness in the ensuing fight and frees the landlord and son from the back of the truck. He takes Rex’s badge and poses as a collector himself to get through the carnival’s back gate. He steps inside the carnival, knowing Penelope is close.

We learn about Penelope’s backstory

Henry wheels Penelope into the tent he’s rented out by the hour at the Carnival of Flesh. High on meth, he renders Penelope unconscious with a chloroform rag and ties her to the pole in the middle of the tent. They engage in an intensely bitter argument that reveals their sordid history and Henry’s violent and obsessive nature. He shows her his knife, flicks his butane torch, and stacks firewood around her. She’s petrified, but tries not to let him see it. 

In a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that Miguel mistrusted Henry from the start. But Penelope, drawn to Henry’s bad-boy charm, started spending time in his loft. Miguel’s suspicions were on the mark; Henry got Penelope hooked on drugs, and what’s more, he started to abuse her. One day, Miguel beat Henry to the brink of death after seeing him lay his hands on Penelope. Later, in rehab, she met a compassionate social worker named Tavis.

Miguel and Penelope reunite

Rex the collector comes to his senses and alerts the guards that there’s been a breach. Miguel hears Henry and Penelope arguing and sprints toward the tent, but is tackled by security before he can get there. Henry opens up the tent flap and offers to pay whatever it takes to get Miguel, too.