A Nation Reborn
S1 episode 10 Aired on November 6, 2018

It’s less than an hour before the end of Purge Night. Miguel and Pete converge on the high school where they know Joe holds Penelope captive. Jane is dead. Rick and Jenna are about to go on trial. 

Miguel and Pete make it to the high school

Miguel and Pete hide behind a white picket fence and put together an action plan to combat Rex and his vindictive band of collectors and Carnival of Flesh security grunts. As the crew spreads out, Miguel and Pete each manage to isolate and kill one member. They reunite and make it to the high school, only to find that Joe has booby-trapped it extensively with explosives. Pete fires shots in the air to lure Rex and his crew to his position, and then lures them to detonate a trip wire. Most of the crew is dead -- but one man lies in the wreckage and stirs…

Rick and Jenna stand trial

Rick and Jenna enter Joe’s kangaroo courtroom. The reason for their trial: a contract dispute. Rick had hired Joe to install a Purge gate for his business, but ultimately declined to pay in full when he deemed Joe’s work subpar and negligent. Rick admits that he exploited a loophole to cut costs and begs Joe to spare Jenna, who was oblivious to the dispute. Joe hands Jenna a gun loaded with one bullet and tells her she can walk free if she shoots Rick. She pulls the trigger, but it doesn’t fire -- there is no ammunition in the gun after all. 

Meanwhile, Penelope has wiggled free of her bonds and loosened a screw from the cage. She grabs Paige, her cellmate, and holds the screw to her neck and threatens to kill her. Incensed, Joe enters the cage. Penelope stabs him in the eye with the screw, and the captives all run for it as Joe shoots blindly. He removes the screw from his eye and gives chase.

A Deadly Trial

Rick and Jenna run into Pete and Miguel, who have finally made it inside the high school. The Carnival of Death employee who survived the trip-wire blast unexpectedly arrives and starts shooting -- he hits Rick in the abdomen and shoulder and Pete in the leg. Rick succumbs to his wounds, and Pete tells Miguel to go find Penelope.

Penelope nearly escapes the school, but Joe, who has been tracking her, grabs her and pulls her onto the deck of the swimming pool for an impromptu trial. Penelope delivers a stirring speech, but Joe is eager to purge. Just as he is about to shoot her, Miguel bursts in and engages Joe in combat. The air siren wails mid-fight, signaling the end of The Purge. Joe, a law-abiding citizen, laments that he cannot continue to Purge and hands Miguel his gun. Miguel shoots him and kicks him into the pool to die.

One year later

It’s an hour until commencement, a year later. Miguel and Penelope bond with Pete over a whiskey at the Cantina. Pete urges them to stay, but they are determined to make a positive difference this Purge Night, and drive off into the night. Jenna and her baby look out at the Eiffel Tower from their perch in Paris.