Broadway Costume Designer
S1 episode 7 Aired on May 24, 2013

A promising costume designer with strong credits under her belt and a bright future ahead of her, Jennifer O’Donnell was pursuing her passion when life threw her a curveball: widower Tim and his toddler son Logan. After falling in love with and marrying Tim, Jennifer decided to put her career goals on hold, becoming a devoted stay-at-home-stepmom to Logan. But now that their family life has stabilized, Jennifer is ready to take another shot at making her design dreams come true.

So together with Kurt, Jennifer travels to New York to train under renowned, Emmy Award-winning costume designer Donna Zakowska. Though missing her family and quickly realizing that she still has a lot to learn, Jennifer thrives under Donna’s mentorship and is energized by the opportunity to get back into the business she loves. Best of all, if her training goes well, Jennifer could get the chance to take her career a huge step forward with a job working as a costume designer on the Broadway production Kinky Boots. Now, with her family hundreds of miles away but her dream within reach, will Jennifer find herself drawn back home or Broadway bound?

Hopeful Update:

Though she did not get a job offer from the Kinky Boots producers, Jennifer returned home and soon received a double dose of good news:  she’s pregnant and has also been hired as the lead costume designer for a major network television series.  Since the show is based in Atlanta, Jennifer will get to stay close to home, making it the perfect opportunity for her to fulfill both her personal and professional dreams.