S1 episode 6 Aired on May 17, 2013

Twelve years ago, Renee Chambers was an up-and-coming choreographer. But just as her career was starting to take off, Renee's father, a onetime musician who'd spent years on the road, became gravely ill. Despite the fact that he'd been absent for much of her childhood, she decided to put her dream on hold to care for her ailing father. Following his death and the birth of her first child, Renee realized that she didn't want to make the same mistakes her father had, choosing career over family. So she decided to give up choreography to focus on her husband and two children.

But when Kurt offers Renee a chance to travel to Los Angeles and spend weeks training under renowned choreographer Liz Imperio, Renee is thrilled about the opportunity. She soon learns that jumping (or dancing) back into a business she walked away from over a decade ago won't be easy. But if Renee can conquer her fears, find her own unique style, and impress Jamie King, one of the world's most influential concert directors, she could get the chance to finally pursue the choreography career of her dreams.

Hopeful Update:

Thrilled to study under Jamie King, Renee returned home to await the first day of her apprenticeship. While at home, she found out that she landed a gig as the lead choreographer on a major theatrical production in Philadelphia. While she works on that project, Renee continues to consult with Jamie and looks forward to collaborating with him.