Toy Designer
S1 episode 5 Aired on May 10, 2013

Together with his younger brother, Lance Greathouse was once one-half of a promising toy inventing team. The brothers built one invention after another, dreaming of one day forming their own design company. But after losing his brother to a devastating neurodegenerative brain disorder, dental laser technician Lance retreated to the refuge of his workshop, designing gadgets only his friends and family would see.

Now, Lance's loved ones think it's finally time for him to take his skills public and follow his passion for building. So Kurt engineers a meeting with master toy designer Jim McCafferty, whose inventions can be found everywhere from Toys R' Us to Target. Under Jim's tutelage, Lance gets an introduction to the ins and outs of the inventing business, honing his design skills and learning how to create marketable products. And when his training period is complete, Lance will get the chance to interview with Trikke, a global recreational carving vehicle company that makes products right up Lance's alley. But the question is, even after his training will Lance be prepared to step out of the garage and into the limelight as a professional toy designer?

Hopeful Update:

Though Lance preemptively decided not to pursue a career as a toy designer for Trikke, his experience gave him invaluable clarity about his true passion: wheelchair design, a field he first became interested in when his brother grew ill. Since returning home full of inspiration and new knowledge, Lance has already completed his own wheelchair prototype and is working with industry experts to help further develop it.