S1 episode 2 Aired on April 18, 2013

Introduced to the track at a young age, car fanatic and aspiring driver Kyle Shields was once a rising star in the racing world. Offered a chance to race on the pro circuit in Mexico, Kyle was blindsided when his sponsor backed out, sticking him with the $30,000 bill. Burned by that experience, Kyle left the world of professional racing behind, becoming a technical advisor to the auto industry.

About to sell his race car and give up his dream for good, Kyle gets a surprise when Kurt steps in with an offer: head to North California to train under professional driver Brendan Gaughan, a 13-year NASCAR vet and 16-time winner, for a chance to join the team at Richard Childress Racing. To earn a spot driving for legendary RCR, Kyle will have to prove he's got what it takes on and off the track, so his new mentor will put him through the paces, improving his driving skills and helping him to master the mental components of the sport. But when the finish line comes, will Kyle make it to victory lane, or will his dreams once again be dashed?

Hopeful Update: 

Though Kyle didn't receive an offer to join the RCR team, he returned home to his family with a renewed passion for racing and a newfound commitment to his dream. After deciding to hold onto his car and spend more time at the track, Kyle is once again racing on the weekends and currently exploring new opportunities with NASCAR.