Sports Illustrated Photographer
S1 episode 1 Aired on April 11, 2013

Alabama native Tracie Marcum has two passions: sports and photography. Her love of photography was born at an early age, when, after her mother's passing, Tracie was left with only pictures for memories. But after losing her photography business in a bitter divorce, a defeated Tracie left her dream behind, working as an office administrator by day and blogging about sports by night.

Still, Tracie isn't quite ready to give up on her passion. So when Kurt offers her a chance to travel to Los Angeles to train under mentor Lou Jones, a seasoned photographer with 14 Olympics under his belt, she jumps at the chance. However, Tracie soon learns that working as a sports photographer is almost as grueling as the feats of athleticism she's capturing. She'll have to know her equipment inside and out, master timing and coordination, learn how to capture movement and emotion, and confront her fears of letting her father down. But if she can make it through the frustrating and emotionally fraught training process, she could land her dream job: working as a photographer for Sports Illustrated.

Hopeful Update:

After receiving the job offer from Sports Illustrated, Tracie moved to New York to work for the magazine, gaining valuable experience. Yet, she missed her family dearly. Tracie has moved back to Alabama and continues to work as a photographer, freelancing for Sports Illustrated and even covering the Southeastern Conference and her beloved Crimson Tide. 

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