Renee Chambers

Renee Chambers, a wife and a mother of two from suburban New Jersey, gave up her dream of being a choreographer 12 years ago when she decided to focus on caring for her ailing father. Looking after him during his last years and with the birth of her first child, Renee was taken out of the world of choreography completely. But there was more. Renee's father - a famous doo wop musician in the 60's - chose his passion for music over his family and was absent for most of her childhood. Renee's experience with her father held her back even more from pursuing a career in choreography because she didn't want to follow in her father's footsteps and be absent from her own children's lives. Renee's husband Peter nominates her for the opportunity to go to Los Angeles to train under famed choreographer Liz Imperio (J.Lo's choreographer). If she is successful in her final challenge, Renee may earn herself a job working for Jamie King - one of today's prolific pop music choreographers (Madonna's choreographer).