Season 1 episodes

S1 EP1
Time for Change
Aired on 01/28/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
Twelve people who want to get healthy and transform their lives arrive at The Biggest Loser Campus.
S1 EP2
A Big Loss
Aired on 02/04/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
A loss by one team causes emotions to run high as the contestants push harder to meet their goals.
S1 EP3
Supporting the Team
Aired on 02/11/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
Two contestants overcome their insecurities and emerge as leaders during this week's challenge
S1 EP4
Messages From Home
Aired on 02/18/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
All the remaining contestants finally get to reconnect with friends and family.
S1 EP5
Diving In
Aired on 02/25/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
The contestants take a dive into fitness as friendships grow stronger.
S1 EP6
Overcoming Obstacles
Aired on 02/27/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
One contestant faces an unexpected obstacle, forcing their team to come together in new ways.
S1 EP7
Going Solo
Aired on 03/10/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
It’s every person for themselves as the contestants no longer compete in teams.
S1 EP8
Boosting Morale
Aired on 03/17/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
The contestants get the encouragement they need to keep moving forward on their journey.
S1 EP9
Final Four
Aired on 03/24/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
The final four contestants revisit a fitness milestone to see how much progress they have made.
S1 EP10
Aired on 03/31/2020
Available until 01/27/2021
All twelve contestants return to campus where they began their journey to see how far they've come.