Final Four
S1 episode 9 Aired on March 24, 2020

So this is it. 

With the loss of an incredible amount of weight (Jim is literally five pounds away from a hundred), the contestants can only look ahead even though they’ve lost Kristi. Kyle was right on the edge of that red line until she stepped on the scale, and you know how weigh-ins just keep getting scarier? Micah has just come off being told that it would have been him going home if he hadn’t had that one-pound advantage. He’s still feeling the burn after that.

Pretty much every workout has turned into a last chance workout. With Micah, Kyle, Teri and Jim left, only one more person will be leaving before the Top 3 try to see how much they can torch off at home before returning for the most important weigh-in of their lives at the finale. Erica and Steve have decided this is the opportune moment to switch up trainers. Working with a different trainer not only gives you another perspective, but a new way of approaching workouts will keep your body guessing. Micah is ready to give up on himself—but Erica isn’t. She insists he isn’t going anywhere even after he slams the bar down in frustration.

Is it really true that Erica doesn't give anyone a break? Micah seems to think so. He doesn’t realize he’s being tested. It’s blazingly obvious how strong he is, but since he has trouble believing in himself she is trying to push both him and his insecurities to the max so both of them can see what he is made of. He breaks through that barrier and survives. By the way, you know by now that Erica does give chances to take a breather. She just needs Micah to level up.

By now, you’d probably think that this week’s challenge is going to be some sort of Medieval torture gauntlet, but it’s—the mile run. Déjà vu anyone? That was first challenge ever. Back then, whoever crossed that finish line first was the winner, but the rules have changed. Whoever has the greatest percentage of improving their mile time is going to grab that one-pound advantage. You also realize that you don’t notice the chance so much as you watch incremental fitness and weight loss improvements, but those side-by-side videos from week one and week eight say it all. Kyle thought he could break out from the pack but got sidetracked from being out of shape. Now he’s got stamina for days.

Micah may finish first this time, but it’s Jim whose improvement percentage ends up snagging him that advantage he so desperately wants.

After dinner, the contestants get one more video message from someone they know well. Really well. As in, themselves. On day one, they had recorded reminders for why they were going through this and what they imagined they would be like eight weeks later. Some, like Kyle, found an opportunity for humor in telling themselves how fabulous they’re supposed to be looking by Week 8. Teri’s former self says not to remember her too much. Others, like Micah, faced Week 1 by trying to put it out in the universe that they were going to be the happiest they have ever been. Jim brings himself to tears (again). He almost can’t recognize the guy on the screen, who was pushing 400 pounds, and never wants to be him again. 

This last chance workout really is a last chance. Steve believes it’s all about beating your personal best, and seeing milestones that will show the final four just how far they’ve made it will push them to keep beating that personal best when they go back home. There’s more than the top title at stake here. Everyone knows the real prize is getting your life back, not to mention adding more years. Teri is the last woman standing. At least she’s sort of standing with that boot on, but it still wont hold her back from killing the rowing machine and constantly moving to keep up with the guys.

Tonight’s weigh-in might make you even more nervous than any of the contenders. They all gave it everything they had this week, but you never know how someone’s body is going to hit an inconvenient plateau. The words your current weight is are just about the most terrifying thing any of them can hear right now.