Boosting Morale
S1 episode 8 Aired on March 17, 2020

Now that Kim (who we’re all going to miss) is gone, it’s “game on” for the final five.  These contestants think they’ve seen—and jumped, and run, and lifted—everything when they have no idea what is waiting for them. To say this week is going to be a gauntlet is an understatement.

You’re about to find out something called an assault bike actually exists.

But first, Micah. He’s been having issues with his confidence, and Steve knows that lack of strength is not keeping this former football player from doing those extra reps. He pulls Micah over for a serious chat before lights out. As a trainer, Steve can tell how much potential is there and just fighting to break free and take over after years of low self esteem. There is some serious emotional weight to lose here. Can Micah level up?  

When you don’t have team members to fall back on, you need to max out your workout. Erica has Jim, Kristi and Teri lifting this time around because more muscle automatically burns more fat. Steve has some pretty intense plans for Micah and Kyle. Going forward, he’s planning to treat every workout like a last-chance workout because when there are only two more contenders left to beat before the final three step up, this really is a last chance. There is no letting Micah escape this.

Whatever power switch Steve flips in Micah’s head, it seems to be working because he just busts out into beast mode. 

There are no visitations to the Biggest Loser ranch, but there are video chats like we saw a few episodes ago. There are also video messages that are like virtual fist bumps. Jim gets a boost from his wife, who is literally crying, so of course, that brings him to tears. Coach is an emotional guy. Kristi’s husband and son swear to be her biggest cheerleaders. Kyle’s dad resolves to be his gym buddy (and is also kind of his doppelganger). Teri’s kids and boyfriend each tell her how proud they are. Micah’s mom gives him such a raw, real apology for his traumatic childhood that the whole room needs tissues. 

Whoever is ready to face this week’s challenge, and the 1-pound advantage that comes with it, is going to burn. Anyone unprepared is really going to burn. This involves pushing weights, rowing, and yes, the assault bike, which is basically a huge bike merged with an elliptical and may qualify as some form of medieval torture. Kristi beats Jim in the first heat, but the pressure is really on when Kyle is up against Micah. As hard as Kyle is struggling through this, Micah admits that his mom’s message lit a fire in him. Guess who wins.

Things don’t get any easier after that. The last-chance workout is the challenge all over again, just inside. Teri is tackling this as if her injury isn’t even a problem. Kristi is running like it never gave her anxiety. Coach is positively pounding that rowing machine. Kyle and Micah know not moving is not an option.

After all this, it can’t be a surprise that Jim melts off another 10 pounds, ending up under 300 for the first time in years. He’s now pulled double digits for 7 out of 8 weeks for a total loss of an impressive 95 pounds. The others show off some pretty impressive numbers, so when Kristi’s the one who falls slightly short, it’s pretty unexpected!