Going Solo
S1 episode 7 Aired on March 10, 2020

Things just got real. After Megan (gasp!) was eliminated last week, there are six contestants left—and no more teams. Everyone is wearing the same uniform now. That means they also have to hold themselves that much more accountable for every minute, every rep, every calorie, every challenge, every pound if they intend to stay any longer. Just when you think they’ve been pushed to the brink, think again. This burn is going to turn into an inferno.

Every weigh-in gets scarier and scarier. If Megan, who had made a name for herself as the show’s resident She-Hulk, somehow got taken down by that scale, anybody can. That should make the grueling outdoor workout that everyone is about to face less intimidating. It doesn't. While Kyle powers through it like a machine without complaining, some others need that extra push to believe they can push tires and jump benches and throw things that weigh more than…you probably don’t want to know.

While Jim gets another dose of what he puts his football team through at every practice, with Erica playing coach this time, Micah gets tough love from Steve. There is just something about his performance that says he isn’t putting everything into it. By now you know that Steve won’t have any of that, so he has Micah going and going like a battery that refuses to quit. Kim and Teri are already hard-wired not to give up. Kim doesn't take it lightly that she’s a 58-year-old woman who has beat out half the competition so far. Teri may have to take this one—and every workout—sitting down, but she keeps moving no matter what.

The challenge this time is one of those things that only looks easy until you’re 30 seconds into it and want to start bawling. Each of the five contestants (Teri has to sit this one out) have to hold a position as long as possible, and the first one to drop out is eliminated from that phase. The exercise starts with them holding their arms out. How can Micah, who heaves sandbags over his shoulder like they’re marshmallows, just let his arms drop so quickly? Steve is not liking this. Jim doesn’t make it through wall sits. Kristi grabs at her chance to beat the boys, but leg raises get her.

It’s down to Kyle and Kim. They have to hang from a bar until one of them falls, which is positively brutal. Kyle snags the win and the 1-pound advantage that comes with it.

We finally get to see what is going on with Micah when he sits down with Bob later. Bob is afraid of Micah’s demons coming back to haunt him, even though he might be safe for now. Alcohol can have even more calories than greasy food if you drink enough. Never mind that it can annihilate your liver and lead to all sorts of health problems that no one should have to think about at 23. If there is one thing Bob wants Micah to swear to him, it’s that he will go to therapy on his own to keep from drowning his anxieties in beer. 

Micah isn’t the only one battling invisible issues besides his weight. Jim confesses that he tends to get easily frustrated and then turn into an unrecognizably angry human being who needs to keep eating and eating to come back down to earth. He is tired of his family having to face that irritable person. Kim spills that she has been self-medicating her problems by staying out at restaurants long after working hours are over. The secret jelly stash in her car is just the beginning. There are conversations she just wants to avoid, so instead of confronting them, she just hangs out late and finds escapism through eating.