Overcoming Obstacles
S1 episode 6 Aired on March 3, 2020

The loss of Kat is devastating, particularly for Kim (who is still wiping away tears after the elimination). The Red Team is beyond frustrated. They keep losing members week after week as the Blue Team crushes challenges and gets a boost from the pound advantages they snag. Not that setting the scale back a few extra pounds is always going to mean ultimate immunity. Just saying.

Self-esteem is at absolute zero for the Red Team. Something you have to keep in mind, as Erica tells the rest of her team when she walks in, is that the human body kind of has a mind of its own. It can easily get used to repeating the same workouts and learns what to expect. Weight may not melt off so easily anymore. Changing what you do to stay active can keep you body guessing and possibly losing.

Of course, you have to remember that after this much training, the competitors might be starting to experience muscle gain replacing fat loss without even knowing it. Would they be getting this much stronger without building at least some muscle? Muscle weighs more than fat—and the scale doesn't discriminate. 

Something else that can fuel both you and your calorie-burning potential is (obviously) eating the right things. Erica always makes sure she has a rice cake and a piece of fruit that she immediately east after a gym session, and makes sure to keep an “emergency kit” of nuts and seeds in her car just in case she gets stuck in traffic. Kim also stashes something in her car, but extra packets of jelly from a fast-food joint aren’t exactly the healthiest option. But, she insists, there was a guy stranded on the side of the road who survived five days on packets of hot sauce!

You can probably guess where that jelly is going whenever Kim gets home.

Erica is serious about tricking her team’s bodies when they get to the gym. Just when they think they’ve done every rep of every exercise that ever existed, she throws them headfirst into a routine designed to target muscles they didn’t even know existed. Jim admits that several weeks ago, he would have never been able to pump iron like he is now. Steve tells his team that the way they’re killing it with this workout makes them look like a legit sports team. 

Did you think the challenges would be getting easier after this many weeks? (That’s a rhetorical question.) This week’s Over-Under Challenge might be the most brutal yet. It’s an obstacle course that involves mud, water, tires, and more mud. It’s the mud that gets Teri early on. She thinks she’s going to be splashing through murky water only to end up sinking into five inches of mud. Is she out? Not quite.

The teams sit down with Bob to discuss eating triggers. Everyone is going to go back to reality at some point, and things like soda and fries and candy aren’t just going to vanish overnight. Kyle used to overeat so he could forget about hiding who he was. Micah’s mom is always tempting him with greasy food. Megan and Kim both get triggered when they get in their cars. Megan feels she always needs to have a soda to drink when she’s driving, and it at least feels like all that sugar and caffeine give her an energy boost. That kind of blood sugar spike never lasts. 

Meanwhile, an injury that takes her off her feet is the last thing Teri needs after fighting that inner battle with her former beauty queen and triathlete self last week. She even mentioned getting in shape for triathlons again right before that fateful challenge. Erica isn’t giving up on her yet. Together, Teri and her trainer are going to devise a plan for her to keep torching calories.

As you can see in the last chance workout, there is a surprising number of things you can do even if you can’t stay on your feet. The treadmill will just have to wait. Running may be out for now, but Teri is lifting hand weights from a bench and doing everything she possibly can to get closer to what will be her first triathlon in years.

Going into the weigh-in with an advantage (again), the Blue Team seems pretty confident, but things don’t turn out so predictably this time. While the scale might seem like the scariest thing Teri could possibly face right now, she ends up pulling a surprising six pounds, and Jim, who kept getting down on himself during the challenge, loses 13. The Blue Team loses, advantage and all. They also lose Megan who had been part of their backbone.