Diving In
S1 episode 5 Aired on February 25, 2020

The contestants have had to face the sobering reality that how hard you push doesn’t always show up on the scale. Bob has seen one pound. Bob has seen zero pounds. After so many seasons as a trainer and now the host of The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper has seen just about everything when it comes to losing weight. He tells everyone that stagnating numbers are normal at this phase.

When the Red and Blue Teams arrive at the pool, nothing strikes fear into them quite like the thought of putting on a bathing suit. Some haven’t put one on in years. They start an impromptu fashion show that soon turns emotional. Kristi admits that she avoids water like the plague, even though she lives in Florida. When Teri finally finds the courage to look at her own reflection, she feels the tears coming on. The former pageant queen was also a former triathlete. She wants to rediscover the athlete inside.

It’s not like the men are immune to being self-conscious in bathing suits. Micah is frustrated by what he sees in the mirror, but believes he’s going to be seeing a shiny new version of himself soon enough. The others don’t seem too fazed. However, Jim is used to getting down and dirty on the football field, so he underestimates just how strenuous the water workout is until he loses his breath. At least he manages to stay afloat. 

The next challenge is only going to get more grueling, but you knew that. Know what AMRAP is? It’s As Many Reps As Possible, and the team which has the most stamina to do the most step-ups will snag a two-pound advantage. The thing is, if you give in, you’re out. Kim’s legs surprisingly give out even though she walks up and down flights and flights of stairs at work. Micah and Kyle make it look easy enough to do in their sleep. Kristi’s upper body gives out, but she keeps fighting, and Erica gives her electrolytes for a boost. She unfortunately can’t keep going. The Blue Team wins. 

Kat and Kim don’t even want to think about the last chance workout yet. Their legs are sore from yesterday’s step-up challenge that they could use some serious downtime. Kim has become a soul sister to Kat, who is afraid of going through with the rest of this journey alone if one of them is eliminated. Kim gives her some advice that all of us ought to take. She needs to get healthy now, because the more you procrastinate, the harder it gets.

Kim is so determined to stay above that yellow line that Steve has made her new unofficial motto “no more yellow line.” It certainly doesn’t seem she’ll be seeing it when she powers her way through a quarter mile on the treadmill as fast as she possibly can.

With every weigh-in, nerves run higher and higher. The scale doesn't lie. Even if the contestants have gotten to the point where they have started to gain muscle weight, it doesn’t discriminate. Most of them are disappointed. Remember—not everyone’s body is going to respond like they think it should…