Supporting The Team
S1 episode 3 Aired on February 11, 2020

Last week, the Red Team suffered a crushing defeat by losing Phi, whose big personality kept them going. Self-defeating Dom had apparently discovered too little confidence too late. He ended up cheating the yellow line—but just barely. The team can’t dwell on that when even more daunting challenges lie ahead of them. What can top a mud race that involves pushing 150-pound tires to the finish line? Mud can be a beast, but there will be more heavy lifting before this episode is over. 

Another candle on Kim’s cake

Of course, it’s not actually cake. What roommate and new bestie Katarina decides to do for Kim’s birthday, besides hustling the rest of the team to finish the decorations on time, is arrange apples and bananas in a bowl and stick birthday candles in the bananas. Kim is literally in tears (and a tiara). She’s going through this weight-loss journey so she can keep adding candles for years to come. Nothing can extinguish her killer sense of humor after she blows out those candles.

“I want to be the sexiest senior citizen you have ever seen,” she grins.

Impossible says “I’m possible”

Someone else who gets an unexpected surprise is Jim, who finds out Erica has football speed drills in store for the Red Team when they walk in the gym. That definitely means high knees and suicides. These are the same post-practice drills Jim tells his junior football team to do, but Coach is having some trouble getting fired up himself. So is Dom. Just when we thought he’d never say “impossible” again, he does. More than once.

“Impossible means ‘I’m possible,’” Erica tells him.

Kristi is also pushing through some emotional weight. She reveals that when she was a kid, her family was short on money, so whenever she found loose change, she’d buy a 6-inch sub and try to make it last two to three days. Being insecure about where her next meal is coming from is why she ended up having an unhealthy relationship with food. It’s also the reason she’s out to change that mentality.

BBQ…but first…

You don’t think Bob would just randomly invite everyone on The Biggest Loser to a campfire barbecue without turning it into some sort of challenge, do you? That BBQ also comes with dessert—a 4-pound advantage. All the wood needed for the fire needs to be hefted up 60 stairs and dropped off at one station. Once all of a team’s wood is at the first station, they need to work together to bring that wood to the finish. On the Red Team, Dom seems to have gotten a confidence boost, and on the Blue, Steven wants Micah to take the lead.

This is where Delores, who’s been overshadowed by some of the louder personalities for most of the season so far, breaks out as an unexpected competitor. Even Megan (who was previously called She-Hulk for her unstoppable strength) admits she’s winded when she sees her teammate legit almost-running with that heavy load of wood in her arms. The Blue Team wins, and the BBQ is on.

Where you least expect to find them

In a talk session with Bob, the contestants are asked whether any of them have found a friend in another contestant as they all fight to get healthier together. We already know about Kat and Kim. Another pairing is Jim and Kyle. Coach admits that roommate-and-now-best-bro Kyle has opened his mind to so many things he had no idea about, from coming out to culture. The coolest thing about this friendship is that these are two people who may have never crossed paths otherwise. The unlikely bond they’ve forged really says something about what unity should be.

In a dead heat

This week’s weigh-in may have carried the most tension yet. Dom confesses that he didn’t give it a hundred percent, which is only human, but—knowing his confidence issues and tendency to make excuses—does not help the Red Team. Kim feels she’s plateaued despite showing that rowing machine who’s boss. As if that isn’t enough, there is the overhanging threat of either her or Kat being eliminated. Jim and Megan still pull big numbers, but neither are completely satisfied with themselves. Ultimately, it’s the end of Dom’s time at the ranch, but his new life is just beginning!