S1 episode 10 Aired on March 31, 2020

And then there were three. However much of a warrior Teri showed she was, attacking the rowing machine and the assault bike as if she didn’t have an injury, an unexpected plateau in her weight loss meant elimination. It’s down to Micah, Jim and Kyle. Now that they’re going to tough it out at home until the finale, will they will hold up in the face of temptation?

By the way, everyone who got eliminated is coming back for one final weigh-in. Don’t forget that the at-home prize is still at stake. 

On the flight home, Micah can’t believe he fits in the seat. He seems to be keeping his focus even though he must be surrounded by empty calories. He admits to his mother that he’s never been under so much pressure in his life, and he feels it weighing him down. Having made it this far in the competition has undoubtedly boosted his self-esteem. Enter Steve when he needs him most. Steve puts Micah through a gauntlet right in his own backyard, especially after finding out that Micah ended up gaining eight pounds but then losing ten. Flipping over tires in the backyard reminds him what he’s sweated for.

Kyle finally feels he can open up to his parents when he gets home. He had no idea if they would’ve judged him for his sexuality, but his mother said that she has been -- and always will be -- proud of him no matter what. His dad is in tears because Kyle hadn’t confided in his for so long. Now that Kyle and his doppelganger dad are closer than ever, they’re also gym buddies, which is extra motivation. Seems that Dad has some work to do—he thinks this is brutal. He’s already out of breath after learning to use a rowing machine. Whatever else his son puts him through is enough to get his shirt soaked in sweat.

There is no stopping Jim after breaking 100 pounds. Coach opens the door to an entire cheering section of friends and family, and returns to his team with a new outlook. He used to think that coaches who ran and did drills and played the game with their teams were showoffs. That mentality is gone with all the extra pounds. He runs and busts moves with the boys to challenge them, and reminds them all that taking care of yourself is the most important thing of all. Jim needs to stay active all the time. When Erica visits him, she shows him that he can work out anywhere, even on the bleachers before football practice.

Fast-forward to the finale. Everyone who’s come back has dropped serious weight, and some former contestants are almost unrecognizable (in the best possible way). 

Megan wows Bob and the trainers the moment she walks in. She isn’t the only one who makes them do a double take. Phi’s tagline at the beginning of her journey was “make me sexy,” and she’s there. Former football player Robert looks like he’s back in fighting shape. Delores has dropped pounds and gained confidence. Domenico obviously ditched the pizza. Katarina and BFF Kim have both kept their fitness promises to themselves and each other. Teri’s ankle apparently didn’t stop her from working out. Everyone has cheekbones. Kristi is even rocking horizontal stripes.

“Shocking” is an understatement for the transformations of the final three. When Jim hears he’s a ringer for George Clooney, he says he’ll take that.

If you were nervous about previous weigh-ins, they’ve got nothing on this. After an astonishing weight loss, Jim not only gains the “Biggest Loser” title, but gets his life back.