Season 2 episodes

S2 EP5
The Walk of Shame
Aired on 11/07/2019
Available until 10/09/2020
The morning after a night of temptation, the guys feel the effect of their actions.
S2 EP4
Something's In the Air
Aired on 10/31/2019
Available until 10/09/2020
Temperatures on the island heat up as the connections multiply in ways none of the couples dreamed.
S2 EP3
Guilt Ridden
Aired on 10/24/2019
Available until 10/09/2020
Reeling from her temptation, Ashley G. must face the consequences of her decision.
S2 EP2
The Cuffs Are Off
Aired on 10/17/2019
Available until 10/09/2020
Now separated, the couples must navigate through their newly single lifestyle. Who will be tempted?
S2 EP1
The Journey Begins
Aired on 10/10/2019
Available until 10/09/2020
Four couples at a crossroads arrive on Temptation Island to test their relationships.
S2 EP0
Casting Special
A special look behind the casting process for the couples and singles of Temptation Island season 2.