Tonight Can Change Everything
S2 episode 9 Aired on December 5, 2019

This episode chronicles the most challenging relationship test that each Temptee will face on their journey here on Temptation Island: a 24-hour overnight date with a person of their choosing. Do their respective retreats to a private cottage, hotel suite, or bed & breakfast produce clarity? Or uncertainty? Read our recap to learn how each date went down.

Post-bonfire debrief

After everything he’s seen at the bonfire, Casey is still willing to forgive Ashley. “If there’s a 1% hope, I’m gonna cling on to it and give it my all,” he says. After expressing concern at Esonica’s connection with Kareem, Gavin assures Mia, “You’re still fine, though.” Mia is not having it.  Esonica pulls Ashley G onto the patio to tell her about steamy evening with Kareem: “[Kareem] fell asleep here [in my bed]. And something I shouldn’t say.”

The final date

Mark oversees the selection of the overnight date at each villa. Date selection goes as expected—until Gavin asks Mia to be his final date. She declines, telling him that she’s uncomfortable spending a night with him. “He seems really invested in his relationship,” she explains. With Mia leaving Temptation Island, Gavin asks Payton—whom he calls “Lady P”—on a date. She accepts.

Rick and Medinah

Rick and Medinah hop on a prop plane to Honolulu. Rick has made it clear he doesn’t want to pursue anything romantic, and Medinah is eager to show him her calmer side. They enjoy a relaxing day together that concludes with a sunset on the beach. “Rick should absolutely be proud of the way he’s conducted himself,” Medinah says. “And his girlfriend should be proud of him.”

Ashley G and Jose

Ashley G and Jose hit the links, and although Ashley is unsure why they are golfing, she has a great time thanks in large part to Jose’s good-natured, laid-back demeanor. Over dinner, she tells Jose, “Emotionally, I’m out the door, but I don’t know what I’ll be like in front of [Rick].” The forecast is still cloudy for Ashley G and Rick’ future. “I got a lot of things to iron out on my own,” she says. “I don’t know if I want him to come along for that trip. I may be leaving him.”

Casey and Rachel

Rachel is happy to help Casey prepare to face Ashley H. They pop a bottle of champagne and relax in their cottage’s jacuzzi. Casey tells Rachel that in college, he thought he’d be the least likely of his friends to get married first. He’s convinced that saying he loves Ashley to her face is all he needs to say, “because I’ll say it different than I’ve ever said it before.” The next day, Rachel helps him shop for an engagement ring in town. “I predict that Ashley and I are gonna be together forever,” he says.

Ashley H and Ben

Ashley describes her overnight date with Ben as a “fairy tale,” and that’s exactly what it looks like. They hike down to a secluded waterfall and kiss and hold each other in the pool at its base. Later at dinner, they trace their blossoming romance from early friendship at the beginning of the season to something more physical and emotional. Ben confesses to Ashley that he’s falling for her; the next morning, she calls the previous 24 hours “the best date I’ve ever been on.” 

Gavin and Lady P

Gavin is determined to “go out with a bang. Not literally bang.” And he does; him and Lady P watch dolphins from their boat and go swimming in the ocean. Despite Gavin’s preoccupation with the video of Esonica in bed with another guy (“I’m starting to question if it even matters how I feel anymore”), Lady P calls their excursion a “perfect” friendship date and refers to Gavin a “true treasure.” They sleep in separate beds, and Gavin chefs up breakfast in the morning.  “Lady P one of my best friends in the house, and we have a nice platonic relationship even though I sucked her toes that one time,” he says. “But, no one will ever remember that, right?”

Esonica and Kareem

“Kareem has the capabilities to eventually break all my walls down and allow me to be the person that I would want to be,” Esonica says. After a sunset picnic, Kareem offers a toast at their cozy island inn, and Esonica tells him that she has trouble expressing her feelings when she “doesn’t want to be judged or misunderstood.” “I think I get her, and I don’t think Gavin does,” Kareem says. Esonica opens the door for Kareem to kiss her. The next morning, he asks her why they are matching outfits. She replies, “because our souls match.” 

Domonique and Kate

Kate calls Dom “the perfect guy” to join her on her overnight date. Though Dom insists that he’s just a “big teddy bear” who wants to cuddle, he makes it clear that he is dying to kiss Kate. Eventually he succeeds; they engage in a sensuous makeout session at their candlelit dinner. “Someone’s kiss can tell you a lot about them,” Kate says later, “and I feel like it told me a lot about Dom. It’s an undeniable attraction that I can’t even ignore if I tried.” That night, her and Dom enjoy “a new level of intimacy.”

David and Toneata

David is at a point with Toneata where he’s referring to him and Toneata as a “couple.” After a lavish picnic, they retire to their quarters. The next morning, Toneata says, “last night, David and I got extremely close and intimate, but a lady overnights and tells.” Now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, they decide it’s time to start talking about logistics for David’s move to Los Angeles.