Role Reversal
S2 episode 8 Aired on November 28, 2019

Temptation Island is still ramping up. Episode 208 picks up as the Temptees attempt to process the video messages they each received. As Ashley H and Ben continue to solidify their relationship, Casey continues to wallow in misery. Mark hosts the season’s penultimate bonfire (!), and Esoncia lets Kareem into her bed (!!!).

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Post-video message debrief

Ashley H’s video message did nothing to make Casey any less of an emotional wreck. He gets together with Rick, Gavin, and David to discuss the messages they each received. Kate, Esonica, Ashley G, and Ashley H do the same at their villa. An incisive comment by Esonica—“My issue is, you may have matured from the guy you were, but are you mature to the women I am?”—elicits an amen from the other girls. Ashley H expresses annoyance towards Casey and calls the sentiment of his video message “bulls***.” Later, she tells Ben that Casey was “crying the whole time, but there were no tears.”                                                                                                                                    

Casey offends the single girls in his house by telling them that he’s living in a nightmare and does not harbor serious romantic interest for any of them. Payton is particularly offended. Casey, who just wants to be friends with her and Rachel, later remarks, “I would throw up from having sex with any girl here. It would disgust me.”\

Date five: lawn games, boat dancing, and fireworks

Ashley G takes Jose (second date)

Ashley H takes Ben (third date)

Kate takes Dom (second date)

Esonica takes Kareem (fifth date)

Gavin takes Mia (third date)

David takes Toneata (third date)

Rick takes Medinah (fourth date)

Casey takes Rachel (third date)

While the date partners from the guys villa enjoy lawn games like ladder golf, giant Connect 4, giant Jenga, the girls villa and their dates get the alcohol and music flowing out on a boat. “It’s weird that you haven’t kissed me yet,” Toneata tells David, and sure enough, later that evening they share their first kiss as the sun sets. “I’m so happy that I did not pass up the opportunity to come to Temptation Island,” David says later. “I’ve met the girl I’ve been hoping to meet all my life. For the first time, I was able to see the true power of an emotional connection.”

Ben tells Ashley H that he wants to leave the island with her, and they make out as fireworks go off overhead, as Casey sits on the balcony of his villa a few miles away. He remarks, “I can only imagine she’s watching the same fireworks, possibly with another man.” Kate continues to push through her massive trust issues to open up to Dom, who leaves flowers and a love note on her bed. As the night winds down, Esonica informs Kareem that she needs a massage, and they get into bed together to fall asleep.

Toga! Toga! Toga!

The guys party throws a toga party, and everyone is having a great time, except for a moping Casey. Gavin expresses more interest than ever in Mia, but she keeps her walls up due to his relationship with Esonica. David and Toneata fool around in bed and moan with pleasure. The next morning, David tells the guys that he’s “all-in” on Toneata.

Casey informs Colleen and Rachel that he would propose to Ashley at the bonfire, and compares winning her back to delivering a sales pitch, from his days working in sales. Colleen’s response later: “What the f*** is that?”

The penultimate bonfire 

This episode’s bonfire is the last before each character is reunited at the bonfire with their significant other. Esonica, Ashley H, and Kate watch their respective clips and seem more skeptical, and even ready to move on, than ever. Mark encourages Ashley G to interpret her clip as Rick shutting down Medinah’s advances.

At the guys bonfire, Rick is surprised and pleased to see that KB is no longer in the picture, and that Ashley G is keen to “exercise friendship” with Jose. Mark challenges David again on his reaction to footage of Kate receiving Dom’s love note. “I witness you saying things, but your actions are almost always the opposite of the words,” Mark says. Gavin is hurt by a clip of Esonica and Kareem in bed, as he has not allowed a girl into his room to this point. A clip of Ben and Ashley H tongue-kissing churns Casey’s insides, but still he hangs onto a thread of hope. He says he realizes it was him who needed to change, not Ashley. Mark calls it an “honest 180.”

Esonica breaks the rules

One of Esonica’s rules was to not let any guys into her bed. “I guess rules were meant to be broken,” she says. After the bonfire, she and Kareem get intimate under the covers in her bed. Exactly how intimate, it’s hard to say.