She Didn't Say, I Love You
S2 episode 7 Aired on November 21, 2019

Casey is reeling from the latest bombshell to impact Temptation Island: footage of his girlfriend, Ashley H, in bed with Ben. As he attempts to pull himself together, the ladies discuss their profound personal growth, three singles are sent home from the island, and Mark offers each person the opportunity to send a 30-second video message to their significant others.

Casey reacts to Ashley H bonfire bombshell

After watching the video of Ashley H with Ben, Casey is angry, confused, regretful, and above all, completely devastated. “[I feel] like my life is over,” he tells Mark. The thing that gnaws at him most is the simple question: why? “We’re awesome together,” he says. “The thought of cheating on her has never popped into my head once in my life.”

At the girl’s bonfire, Ashley H answers that question. “Ben makes me feel beautiful,” she says giddily. “In a way, I’m happy that Casey brought me here.” Ashley H isn’t the only one demonstrating growth at this bonfire; Kate watches a clip of David telling Toneata he’d move to LA for her and responds, “I don’t know that guy. She probably doesn’t either, so good luck, girlfriend.”

Deac makes his move on Ashley H, and KB and Ashley G have a huge fight

Deac leaves hand-picked flowers and a love note for Ashley H on her bed. She is flattered, but she’s committed to Ben, who she greets with a sensuous kiss in the kitchen. (Deac: “I guess my flowers didn’t mean s***.”) Ashley H and Ben discuss their relationship prospects post-Temptation Island. A massive argument erupts between KB and Ashley G as they both try to facilitate a conversation between Ashley H and Deac. The next day, Ashley H tells Ashley G, “There’s no more interest in getting to know him. Because his ego is so much more of him than personality and charm.” She adds that she’s finally realized that Rick’s love for her is bona fide.

Rick reaches out to Casey with emotional support

Casey is an emotional wreck. He cries—outside in the cabana, in bed while writing in his journal. “Waking up this morning, I feel like the worst I’ve ever felt in my life,” he says. “It’s just hard to try to enjoy the rest of the time here. Part of me is missing, and it’s over there at the girl’s villa, seeming to become something else and not a part of me anymore.” Rick reaches out to Casey with emotional support. When Medinah tells Rick to shift his attention from Casey to her, he goes off on her for being selfish and showing her “true colors.” Meanwhile, the singles at the guys villa lament the lack of sex at the house. “I guess we have to learn how to just be friends with guys,” Rachel says.

KB, Deac, and Samantha sent home

Mark announces that its time for another elimination. The girls decide to send home KB and Deac. “The highs are not worth the lows,” Ashley G tells an apologetic KB. Deac expresses no bitterness in his departure: “I hope I made y’all smile.” Later, the girls enjoy the sunset together and reflect on their personal development on Temptation Island.

The guys send home Samantha, who tells them she plans to go home and “find me a real man.” David insists on a goodbye hug. 

The video messages

Rick’s message: He’s “learned to be more open and vulnerable,” and in another time, he would have “crumbled.” [Ashley G’s reaction: positive.]

Ashley G’s message: She hopes they’re both growing and she loves him unconditionally. [Rick’s reaction: deeply disappointed by lack of emotional urgency. “It might be potentially over.”]

David’s message: He’s found emotions he “didn’t even know [he] had before.” [Kate’s reaction: trying to avoid regressing to “that little girl who’s weak and insecure.”]

Kate’s message: She thanks David for bringing her to Temptation Island, where her confidence has grown exponentially. “I have carried myself with nothing but dignity and respect from day one, and I really wish I could say the same for you.” [David’s reaction: tears. “The worst feeling ever.”]

Gavin’s message: he’s “growing into a man I think you’d be proud of.” [Esonica’s reaction: skepticism.

Esonica’s message: She’s unsure if Gavin is using Temptation Island to learn about himself, and questions that he is the one for her. [Gavin’s reaction: he really wants to be with Esonica.] 

Casey’s message: incredibly tearful and heartfelt. “I cannot live without you. I want to marry you, and I want to have a family with you, and I’m sorry that I made you feel like it was your issue. It was my issue the whole time.” [Ashley H’s reaction: wishing he had said these things before Temptation Island.]

Ashley H’s message: more measured than Casey’s. She tells him about her transformation into a less jealous, insecure person, thanks him for bringing her here, and tells him she regrets nothing. [Casey’s reaction: more tears, devastation that she didn’t say she loves him: “It doesn’t seem like she wants me. She’s happy without me.”]