A Real Man
S2 episode 6 Aired on November 14, 2019

This episode of Temptation Island picks up right where the last one left off—at the ladies bonfire, where Kate has just seen a clip of David in bed with Payton and Samantha. As Kate comes to terms with David’s decision to stray, her housemate Ashley H falls for Ben. Sorry, Deac. 

Post-bonfire: Kate’s shock wears off at the Anything But Clothes party

The entire girls bonfire is in tears as Kate attempts to process what she’s just seen: footage of David’s threesome. “His words mean nothing,” she says. “Everything he’s said up until this point has meant nothing… There’s nothing David can do to redeem himself at this point.”

Back at the girls villa, the singles attempt to cheer up the girls with a tray of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Ashley H decides that she’s down to have a little fun, and the housemates quickly dress for an impromptu ABC party—Anything But Clothing. They let loose, with plenty of drinking and booty shaking and Deac fondling his own areolas. But Kate’s shock starts to wear off, and she puts her regular clothes and tearfully explains what happened at the bonfire to Dom. Esonica tells Kareem about Gavin’s toe-sucking incident, and Deac consoles Ashley H. “This person that I love doesn’t even fucking love me back,” she tells him.

The post-bonfire mood is heavy at the guys villa, even as Rick leads a toast and a round of shots. Rick isn’t interested in talking about the bonfire with Medinah, and David explains to Payton that he kissed her and not Toneata because he was “f***ed up.” Though the love triangle between Casey, Payton, and Rachel continues to build in tenson,  Casey says that he feels like his relationship is not on the line.

Dates: Fishing, coconut smoothies, ice cream cones, and more

Ashley G takes Chris

Ashley H takes Ben (second date)

Kate takes Dom

Esonica takes Kareem (fourth date)

Gavin takes Mia (second date)

David takes Toneata (second date)

Rick takes Medinah (third date)

Casey takes Rachel (second date)

Esonica lets Kareem hold her hand and even lets him give her a kiss on the cheek. She admits that she now gets “a butterfly” (singular) when she sees him. After freaking out while innertubing with Mia, Gavin says that “I’m still planning on leaving this island with Esonica. But that’s not guaranteed at this point.” While Dom and Kate soak in a mountaintop vista, David discusses the prospect of moving to Los Angeles over a romantic lunch date with Toneata. “If it feels right, then I would do it.” Chris entertains Ashley G as they make coconut smoothies, and Rick tells Medinah that doesn’t see himself leaving with Ashley at an oceanside ice cream parlor. Casey takes Rachel fishing. Ashley H and Ben wrap up a blissful kite-flying date with a sensual make out session. Later, at the villa, Ashley tells Kate, “No one has ever kissed me like that in my entire life… he’s a different type of man.”

Ashley H is totally smitten with Ben

After David informs Samantha that he’s going to “focus on Toneata,” he grinds amorously and very publicly with Toneata at a party at the guys villa. Rick and Medinah (and even Gavin and Mia) behave in a similar fashion, which weirds Casey out and drives him alone to the hot tub. David, who can’t seem to make up his mind, asks Samantha to dance, then brings Toneata back to his room and tells her, “I really fucking like you a lot—enough to where I’m talking to you about moving to LA.”

During a pool party at the girls villa, Chris attempts to get some quality time with Kate, until Dom notices and swoops in to break up their session. Ben and Ashley H make out (“Ben’s kisses are way more passionate”) before returning to Ashley’s bed. Though Ashley clarifies they do not have sex, they make out even more the next day in the hammock. “I don’t regret being with Ben because Ben made me feel something completely different than I’ve ever felt,” she says.

Casey’s heart breaks at the guys bonfire

At another bonfire, David expresses displeasure towards a clip of Kate tugging on Dom’s drawstrings. Gavin says he misses Esonica, and admits that “this entire experience is making me realize that I like having her around more than I thought I did.” Similarly, a “refreshing” clip of Ashley G has Rick “rethinking some things a bit.” The bonfire reaches its climax when Mark shows Casey a clip of Ashley H and Ben kissing on their date, then in bed. A heartbroken Casey can only watch in disbelief. He forms his hand into a fist and hammers the bench in anger.