The Walk of Shame
S2 episode 5 Aired on November 7, 2019

The last episode of Temptation Island ended with the threesome heard round the world. In this episode, David deals with the aftermath of his blackout party tryst with Samantha and Payton, Casey delights in putting singles in the friend zone, and Deac and Ben worry that they will remain in Ashley H’s friend zone forever. It’s another juicy episode of Temptation Island. Read on to get caught up on the action.

Ménage fallout and date selection

As another party winds down at the guy’s villa, Casey confesses to Medinah that he wouldn’t mind going back to his old bachelor lifestyle. “Honestly, if Ashley broke up with me, I’d be okay,” he says. Medinah is not impressed, and when Payton comes to join them, she tells her, “I solved the Casey puzzle. Casey is in fact an a**hole.” Casey makes Payton cry, but is able to smooth things over with her. The next day, he asks her on a date. Meanwhile, David is furious with himself in the aftermath of his ménage a trois with Samantha and Payton. “I cheated on her,” he says. “I let myself down, I let Kate down. It’s going to mess her up for the rest of her life. It’s all my fault.” 

Ashley G has another frustrating conversation with KB and later mopes in bed as Jose tries to figure out what’s going on. She resolves to avoid doing “anything to jeopardize my relationship moving forward.” Kareem clears another hurdle in his courtship of Esonica by securing a two-handed handshake, as well as a third date. Ashley H is torn about whether to ask Deac or Ben on a date. Kate tells Dom that her attraction to him is the very reason she won’t ask him on a date, because she wants to respect her relationship with David.

Dates: Jet skis, volleyball, & beach hangs

Kate takes Aden

Ashley G. takes Jose

Ashley H. takes Deac (second date)

Esoncia takes Kareem (third date)

David takes Samantha

Rick takes Medinah (second date)

Casey takes Payton (second date)

Gavin takes Mia

Gavin thinks he’s looking “pretty sexy” the way he maneuvers his jet ski. Ashley G enjoys time with the “gentleman” Jose, and Rick gives Medinah a cheek kiss, as well as energy that “makes it feel like he’s my boyfriend.” Deac tells Ashley H he wants to defer to her decision about whether “she’s in love or not in love” with Casey, and ultimately feels like he’s been friend-zoned. Similarly, Payton is upset that Ashley H lingers in the background of all of her interactions with Casey. After her date with Aden, Kate confides in Ashley H that she’s confused and doesn’t want to get the single guys’ hopes up with dates. She’s still emotionally committed to David: “I just want to feel him, smell him. But also knowing what he did, it’s never going to be the same for us.” 

Wakey wakey, Rick!

Kate comes back from her date to find that Dom has written her a love note and arranged Hershey’s kisses in the shape of a heart on her bed. She’s flattered, and rewards Dom with a cuddle session on the couch. “Chocolate kiss. Everybody needs chocolate,” Dom tells her. During a hot tub convo with Colleen and Rachel, who is very much into him, Casey makes it clear that the only thing he is willing to commit to is being non-committal. “I really care about everyone here,” he says. Toneata forgives David: “You’re a good guy, it was just a bad night.”

Medinah has the audacity to wake up Rick and ask, “Are you okay?” as a way to get in bed with him. They fool around, and Rick, who is simultaneously attracted to and confused by Medinah’s forward-ness, admits, “I really don’t know what to do.” Deac and Ben rehash Deac’s date. Ben compare their predicament to standing in a queue. Deac yells out to the guys villa, “Casey, just f*** it up already, dude!”

Return to the bonfire

At the bonfire, David feels guilty after watching a relatively innocent clip of Kate, and he confesses that he had never cried in his life until he cried twice this week. Gavin bristles at the suggestion that he doesn’t compliment Sonic and try to make her feel beautiful. Rick is disgusted after watching KB nuzzle a receptive Ashley G in bed, and Casey is once again happy to see Ashley H open up to others and grow as a person.

At the ladies bonfire, Ashley G sobs after watching Rick kiss Medinah in the hot tub and play around with her in bed: “He’s on the same girl as though he’s been with her forever.” Esonica reacts to Gavin sucking toes: “He can’t ever kiss me.” Ashley H is devastated by her clip of Casey longing for the bachelor life, which demonstrates to her that he has never truly loved her. And then, when Mark reveals the clip of David’s threesome, Kate is so stunned that she can barely form words. A visibly disturbed Ashley H speaks for her when she blurts out, “What the f***?”