Something's In The Air
S2 episode 4 Aired on October 31, 2019

Between KB and Ashley and David and Toneata, things have already escalated quickly on Temptation Island. Episode 204 makes everything that’s happened so far look modest by comparison. Read on to get caught up on the chaos that is taking Temptation Island by storm. Buckle up.

The post-bonfire fallout

The ladies bonfire ends with a furious Ashley H watching footage of Casey hold Colleen’s hand on his naked lap. “He’s disrespecting me,” she says. “I’m forgiving him right now, but I’m angry... they’re f***ing up.” Kate is so nauseous from the bonfire that she throws up when they return to the villa. “He’s not worth my tears that I’m going to shed over him. He’s truly not.” She rips up the note David wrote to her before Temptation Island. “That means absolutely nothing.” Ashley G and Kate’s divergent methods of processing their emotions creates a tense moment in the girls villa, in which KB asserts himself as “the big dog here.”

Will you go out with me?

Rick tells Medinah that it seems like his girlfriend is moving on. Samantha encourages him to “take more advantage of the process,” and he asks her out on a date. “Right now I’m ready for friendship and support,” he says, slightly overwhelmed by Medinah’s hands-on romantic approach. Casey asks Rachel on a date in front of Payton, to Payton’s immense chagrin. “I feel like I just got slapped in my fucking face,” she says. Ashley H hangs with Ben and Deac on her balcony.  “It’s an odd dynamic,” Deac explains later. “It seems to be like a love triangle. Or a love square, with her boyfriend. And her boyfriend is the square.” Ashley asks Ben on a date, and they all laugh as Deac feigns nervous outrage.

Date two: parasailing, sea kayaking, beach hangs

“I want to stay cool under Medinah,” Gavin says. But he does not stay cool at all as he and Medinah parasail into the sky. Rick tells Samantha that Medinah isn’t his girl, but as  he later admits, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about Medinah.” Kareem is still aggressively attempting to sow seeds of doubt about Gavin in Esonica’s mind. She likes Kareem’s “smooth demeanor,” and even gives him a hug. Ashley G asked KB on a second date because “we have the best chemistry, he’s fine as hell, and he looks good in swimwear.” She becomes concerned, however, when KB encourages her to be open connecting with other guys at the villa. Ashley H calls her, Deac, and Ben the “three amigos,” but Ben predicts that he will make romantic inroads while “Ash and Deac stay in the friend zone.” David attempts to get to know Toneata outside of the hot tub.

KB just wants to be friends

After the dates, Payton pulls Casey aside to express displeasure at the way he asked out Rachel, and gets an extremely unsatisfactory answer. David turns his eye from Toneata to Samantha; outside, they cuddle, and he tells her, “I had my eye on you from the beginning.” Medinah smooches Rick in his room, but he pushes her away. “I kinda want to do things the right way,” he tells her.

Ashley G mopes in bed, “tired and annoyed,” while everyone parties. KB comes to check on her, and she requests to touch his penis. The next day, KB tells her it wouldn’t make sense to continue their relationship off the island. “I want to be here for you as a friend,” he says. Ashley bristles at this notion: “I’m irritated as f***.” Ashley H relaxes with Ben in the big hammock, remarking that she is drawn to him because he is a good listener.

Menage a trois at the blackout party

“I feel like something is changing in the house,” David tells Casey and Rick. Casey agrees. “I don’t know where the hell I’m going,” he replies. Stakes are rising, and feelings are going to get hurt.

David’s words prove prophetic. That very night, the guys villa throws a blackout-glowstick party. “Tonight is getting very physical very quickly,” Gavin notes. “You can feel it in the air. It smells like sex. I don’t know who’s gonna do it, but I know somebody is. Hopefully it’s not me.” In the hot tub, Gavin sucks Payton’s toes, Rick and Medinah make out, and Casey cuddles with Rachel. But none of that compares to what’s going on back in the house, where David and Samantha get naked in the shower. “I couldn’t wait anymore,” he tells her. Payton joins them, and they all get into bed. “I guess he does want to break up with his girlfriend,” Samantha concludes.