Guilt Ridden
S2 episode 3 Aired on October 24, 2019

Ashley G. shocked the world on the previous episode of Temptation Island by sleeping with KB… before the first date. In episode 203, Rick attempts to process Ashley’s immediate pivot to straycation mode, two singles go home, the guys villa throws a raucous luau, and Mark hosts another bonfire. Read on to get caught up on Temptation Island.

Rick attempts to process Ashley G and KB’s tryst

At the bonfire, a flabbergasted Rick attempts to express in words how he feels after watching Ashley and KB in bed together. “That’s a lot to take,” he says. “I don’t think there’s no coming back from that.” He speculates that she had been projecting her insecurities about cheating on him. “My heart is broken, but ultimately, I’m going to get through it,” he concludes. Back at the girl’s villa, KB attempts to cheer up Ashley, who paces her bedroom: "I think I just threw away my whole relationship,” she says despairingly. As Kate consoles Ashley H, Casey is on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum. “I was very, very happy with what I saw [at the bonfire],” he says. Outside, Rick tells Medinah that he didn’t have any rules for Ashley G. While he appreciates Medinah’s concern, he explains that he tends to deal with his issues by pushing people away.

The next day, David gets some quality time with Toneata, whom he describes as “hot at easy to talk to,” as well as Samantha. At the girls villa, the single guys performatively work out. Kate expresses doubts about David’s authenticity. A still-guarded Esonica tells Kareem she’s disappointed that Gavin hasn’t expressed interest in visiting her home on the Virgin Islands. 

Two singles go home

Mark arrives at the girls villa and gives the four ladies the opportunity to send one of the single guys home. They decide to cast off Alex, who has been “sitting on the sideline” and hasn’t formed a meaningful connection with any of them. At the guys villa, Sam is asked to leave.

Luau time!

Rick is feeling better, and just in time for a luau. “I think the old Rick is back: Slick Rick.” To the pool! Rick cuddles with Medinah, but isn’t ready for her aggressive flirting tactics, and he swims away. In the kitchen, Casey drops his pants and underwear—everything but a kitchen apron—at the behest of the ladies. David says he has formed connections with three girls: Kari, Samantha, and Toneata. He and Toneata exchange massages in the hot tub and flirt outrageously. Several people watch from inside the house, including Casey, who holds Colleen’s hand on his thigh. While Casey seems excited (“David and Toneata are f***ing tonight”), Kari, who has already gone on a date with David,  says that she is “a little over it, honestly.” Gavin publicly announces to Medinah that he would like to spend some time with her alone and tells her he wants to go on a date. But she’s not into Gavin—she’s into Rick, and she heads up to Rick’s balcony and tells him he needs to be more territorial. He tells her he just wants to get to know other girls, too—then kisses her.

Ashley H adjusts to Temptation Island

A slightly less wild bacchanal takes place simultaneously at the girls villa. Kate leaves the party early and gets in bed with her sleep mask on so that she can get a good night’s sleep. Ashley H realizes Casey was just trying to loosen up in the bonfire video she saw, and she resolves to do the same thing. As the party winds down, Ben tells her that her connection with Deac is obvious. “That’s my best friend,” she replies. “He reminds me of Casey.” Says tells Ben she needs him and Deac to be there for her, as friends.

The second bonfire

The ladies are concerned what their boyfriends might see at the bonfire. “My best asset is my ass, and a lot of people saw it yesterday,” Ashley H says. Ashley G adds, “I could be hurting [Rick] while he’s really changing for me.” They agree that the don’t want to play the victim.

At the guys bonfire, Gavin feels guilt as he watches Esonica talk about his lack of interest in Caribbean culture. David watches Kate call his authenticity into doubt, and Casey seems to enjoy watching Ashley H receive a double lap dance and liberally shake her butt. “That looked fun,” he says, “[she is] literally the female version of me.” Rick watches Ashley G latch onto KB and ask him for kisses, and he hangs his head in despair. “I’m crushed a little bit,” he tells Mark. “It looks like she’s moved on. Her mind is already made up.” He explains that he’s alarmed that Ashley’s interest in KB is not merely physical, but also emotional. “I’m at a loss for words,” he says after the bonfire. “Is there anything left to salvage?”

At the ladies bonfire, Esonica is unconcerned with the video of Melisza determinedly grinding on Gavin—again. “First of all, I can dance better than that,” she says. Ashley G tears up at the sight of Rick kissing Medinah. “I deserved that… hopefully he’s willing to forgive me,” she says as the other girls console her. Kate is even more disturbed by the footage of David getting cozy with Toneata in the hot tub. “He’s supposed to be proving that he’s all in on our relationship,” she tells Mark. “That it’s me and no one else. That’s not respect at all.”

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