The Cuffs Are Off
S2 episode 2 Aired on October 17, 2019

In the season two premiere of Temptation Island, we met the four couples and the 24 singles, and watched the couples part ways. In episode two, the real fun starts. The island hosts its first dates, first  bonfires, and even its first hookup. 

Return To The Villas

We gotta get lit tonight. This is the mindset of the guys after they say goodbye to their girlfriends, maybe for the final time, and return to their villa where 12 single ladies await them. They mingle eagerly. A slightly less eager mingle takes place at the girls villa, except in the case of Ashley G., who flirts heavily with the tall, dark, handsome, and extremely forward KB. “KB is hot,” she says.

Date Selection

The next day, everyone convenes for date selection. The couples see each other, but aren’t in a position to converse. 

Kate picks Domonique

Ashley G. picks KB

Ashley H. picks Deac

Esoncia picks Kareem

David picks Kari

Rick picks Medinah (Ashley G: “I want to punch her in the f***ing throat.”)

Casey picks Payton

Gavin picks Toneata

Casey's Birthday Gets Out Of Hand

It’s Casey’s birthday, which means shots galore at the guys villa. “Things just got out of hand really, really quickly, “ Casey says. Before he knows it, Payton and Tracy and taking turns giving him a lap dance. Gavin and Rick also receive lap dances, and though it appears that they enjoy it, they do seem conflicted. “I’m really trying to be a good boyfriend. But I really don’t know what to do,” Rick explains. “There’s a lot of twerking going on out there. Who doesn’t appreciate a nice twerk? I know I do.”

Ashley G. and KB Hook Up

At the date selection, Rick remarked that he wasn’t cuffing Ashley. She took this as a declaration of his bachelorhood. “Rick has already explained that he’s single, so I’m definitely willing to embrace it all,” she says. Before she knows it, she’s invited KB to her bed. Their mutual attraction bubbles over and they have sex. “I broke every single rule I had to make,” Ashley G. says. But in the moment, she regrets nothing: “I don’t care what’s about to be exposed.” 

“She was in a relationship. It’s over now. I’m the captain now,” KB says. The morning after, Ashley G. is furious with herself.

Dates: Jeeps, Sailboats, and Picnics

The Temptees head out on their first dates of the month; they drive in Jeeps, sip champagne on sailboats, and hold picnics on rocky outcrops. Esonica allows Kareem to “get closer” (i.e. arm’s length), Kate tells Dom she sees herself marrying David, and Ashley G. tells KB he’s “making it easy to move on.” 

The First Bonfires

The Temptees meet Mark at their respective bonfires, where they are shown videos from their partner’s experience on Temptation Island. At the ladies bonfire, Ashley H. is upset after seeing Casey receive a lap dance (“I literally want to scream so loud right now”), and Kate is quietly devastated by David’s misleading performance at date selection. Esonica is unimpressed with Gavin, who told his date he’s not sure that she’s the one he wants to marry, and Ashley G feels guilt after seeing Rick merely hold hands with Medinah. 

While Casey, David, and Gavin are pleased with the videos Mark shows each of them, the same can’t be said for Rick. On the car ride down, he said that he thinks “she’s not going to do anything crazy wild to disrespect me in any way.” Instead, the video of KB and Ashley G. in bed  renders him completely speechless.