The Reunion
S2 episode 12 Aired on December 19, 2019

Four couples came to Temptation Island to get a clearer picture of their relationship and to grow as individuals. Months after their transformative experiences on the island, they reunite in Los Angeles, joined by host Mark L Walberg and the singles with whom they formed romantic connections, to rehash everything that happened during and since. The only conspicuous absence is Casey, who didn’t make the trip from Florida.

Kate and David

Kate and David are still trying to work through their issues. “We never broke ties completely because there was a history that we had,” Kate says. Samantha and Payton join them on stage. After they revisit steamy footage from the blackout party, Sam mentions that David kissed her in the audio room. A frustrated David denies ever kissing Sam. “Sam, you’re just bitter because I had chosen my connection with Toneata over you,” he says. “It’s very simple.” Kate tells David that she deserves the truth; Sam and Payton enthusiastically agree.

Mark shows an unaired clip from in which David tells Sam that he wants to go “inside you.” Sam then reveals to Kate that she had sex with David after Temptation Island. David denies this as well, and Kate—who says that despite everything, she is still very much in love with David—begins to cry and leaves the set to collect herself.

Next, Toneata and Dom join Kate and David on stage. Toneata shares an update of her romance with David. After Temptation Island, they went straight to LA, and eventually concluded that they might not be the best fit. Toneata tells David that she felt like he used to her to help realize his aspirations as an actor and model.

Dom says that he and Kate talked nearly every day until September, when she abruptly stopped returning his texts. She apologizes, saying that she doesn’t want anyone else in her “mess.” David confesses that him and Kate have maintained a physical relationship. In response, Kate expresses frustration with how the reunion show is going. “This is clearly a disaster,” she says. 

Esonica and Gavin

Mark makes Gavin relive the infamous toe-sucking incident from the guys villa’ blackout party. He clarifies that he does not have a foot fetish, causing everyone to laugh, but Esonica is not amused.

Kareem joins Gavin and Esonica and on stage. Since Temptation Island, he and Esonica have had little contact, as she has been attempting to work things out with Gavin. But Gavin is unhappy with Esonica for omitting certain events that happened with Kareem in her bed when she told him about her Temptation Island experience. Esonica says she wishes she had left alone. “At that time, I wasn’t strong enough to walk on my own,” she says. She becomes increasingly agitated and overwhelmed by the cumulative stress of her recent attempts to keep her relationship alive and the limelight of the stage. When Gavin sums up his feelings—“I lost respect. You can love someone that you don’t have respect for”—she thanks him for the humiliation and tearfully storms off the set.

Ashley H and Casey

Payton and Rachel join Ashley H on stage to discuss their experiences dating Casey on the island. Ashley G interjects to protest the idea that Payton’s direct video message to Ashley H had Ashley’s best interest at heart. Rachel and Ashley say they still both regularly talk to Casey, and they agree that Casey’s broken heart and difficulty processing the events of Temptation Island explain his absence at the reunion show. 

Deac and Ben come on stage to reminisce about their live triangle with Ashley H. Deac, always half-joking, proclaims that he “got tried like a free sample at Costco.” He concedes that Ben was more emotionally available, and he doesn’t blame Ashley for picking Ben. Ben says, “As long as you didn’t leave with that loser Casey, I was okay.” 

Ashley H tells Mark that she visited Ben in Arizona he broke up with her after “like two days.” Ben has a different version of events: after their long weekend in Arizona, she returned to Florida and hooked up with Casey. Ashley admits that she kissed Casey but says they didn’t “hook up.” Sam whispers to Medinah that Casey told her that he and Ashley H had sex after Temptation Island. Ashley H is happily single. “I want time for myself,” she explains.

Ashley G and Rick

Rick and Ashley G are not currently dating. While Rick offers that they are “better friends than we our as lovers,” Ashley remarks that she is “pretty numb.” “I think that we just shouldn’t have left the island together,” she says, which brings a sly grin to Medinah’s face.

KB joins them on stage. As they all revisit his tryst with Ashley, Rick states his belief that “it looks like she got played.” Though he and KB exchange combative words, as well as Ashley and Medinah, KB ultimately defends Ashley G’s actions. Rick reiterates that he wanted to take time to smooth things over with Ashley after they left the island before taking further steps in their relationship, and things didn’t go the way he had hoped.

Next, Medinah replaces KB on stage to revisit her island romance with Rick. She says that she was surprised by and attracted to Rick’s respect of his relationship with Ashley G and desire to take things slow. Rick reveals that him and Medinah still talk every day; Medinah adds that not leaving the island together was actually beneficial for their long-term prospects as a couple.

This conversation devolves into intense bickering and threat-exchanging between Medinah and Ashley G. As the segment ends and producers ask cast members to return to their seats, Rick turns to give Medinah a smooch. ”Sorry about that,” he says.\

The reunion show ends on a light note, with the arrival of the success stories of season one: Javen & Shari and Evan & Morgan. Both couples are happily engaged, and neither have set a date for their weddings. Mark mentions that he’s ordained, and he lets them know that he’s down to officiate.