The Journey Begins
S2 episode 1 Aired on October 10, 2019

Temptation Island is back, with four new couples and 24 new singles. The couples are here to learn if their relationships are built to last. The singles are here in search of love. For one tempestuous, tantalizing, and TEMPTING month, the couples will live apart; the men will live with 12 single women, and the women will live with 12 single men. The stakes are high. Anything could happen.

Meet the couples

Esonica (30) and Gavin (26) – Decatur, GA

Esonica, a former Miss Virgin Islands, and Gavin are together because they bring out the best in each other. But when it comes to their relationship, they are not quite on the same page. Esonica is looking for a lifelong partner, and Gavin is slow to get with the program. Esonica is not sure why Gavin has brought her to Temptation Island. Gavin says that they will use a “rope-a-dope” strategy on the island to make it through the month. 

Ashley G. (30) and Rick (32) – Boston, MA

Ashley and Rick have dated for nearly five years—although there was the one-and-a-half year hiatus after Ashley discovered that Rick had cheated on him. They got back together, or as Rick puts it, “she kind of put the clamps on me.” Ashley wants a ring and Rick is an admitted commitment-phobe. She hopes Temptation Island can move their relationship forward—that is, if Rick behaves himself. She tells him, “If I see your lips touching another girls’ lips, I am going to act up.”

Ashley H. (25) and Casey (26) – Deland, FL

Ashley and Casey otherwise wonderful relationship is held back by their very different experiences with dating. Ashley has developed deep-seated insecurities and trust issues due to the fact that nearly every one of her boyfriends ultimately cheated on her. Prior to meeting Ashley on social media, Casey enjoyed the bachelor lifestyle, and is even still friends with some of the women with whom he has hooked up.

Kate (34) and David (28) – Hoboken, NJ

After two years of long-distance, Kate moved to live with David in New Jersey. She strayed in a previous marriage and wants kids, but her relationship David is moving at a snail’s pace. David has trouble opening up to her; he describes himself as an relatively unemotional, unromantic person who prefers to express his love with actions rather than words. He hopes that on Temptation Island, he can prove to Kate what kind of person he truly is.

The couples arrive on Temptation Island

Our host and fearless leader Mark Walberg greets the couple as their vessel makes berth on one of Temptation Island’s pristine beaches. Mark invites them to the girls villa for champagne and proposes a toast: “That you leave this island with all the answers you need.” They head up to the guys villa to meet the singles. “Literally, I’m sick,” Kate says. “This is crazy,” Gavin adds. “It’s like our dream is starting off good, and it’s slowly turning to a nightmare.” He mocks each of the single guys as they introduce themselves. The singles take turns dropping wild pick-up lines in the hopes of standing out from the pack and make a strong first impression. The saucy Floridian Deac spouts an unsubtle but memorable erotic pun. KB, a strapping realtor from Long Beach, CA tells the women that “has a vacancy in [his] heart, and [he’s] ready for one of you ladies to sign the lease.”

Mingle with the singles

“What a weird bunch of dudes, am I right?” Casey remarks. Kate is nervous: “I don’t want to do this…  we’re playing with fire at this point,” she tells David. Rick and Gavin are nervous too, but some of their apprehension evaporates when the single ladies arrive for a daytime mixer. Gavin remarks: “all of y’all look way better up close than you did last night” and wonders why they’re doing shots with wine glasses. Casey finds the villa’s outdoor bed suspicious. Rick resists the girls attempts to convince him to take his shirt off.

Meanwhile, at the girls villa, the women are shy about opening up to the single guys. Singles KB and Jose make their intentions clear with some highly flirtatious, thinly veiled innuendo directed primarily at Ashley G. “It made me uncomfortable being that comfortable around him,” she says of Jose.

So long, partner

The couples reconvene for one final dinner together, before they separate for the remainder of Temptation Island. Rick is alarmed by how highly Ashley G. is already speaking of KB. Gavin confesses that he missed Esonica immensely on their first day apart. Ashley H. is already in tears, not for the last time in this episode. Mark grants each couple 10 final minutes of alone time, and each couple struggles to make the most of that 10 minutes without rehashing the issues that brought them to the Island. For example, Ashley “just knows” that Rick will fool out of her, and threatens to “fully enjoy this experience” if he does.

The couples each kiss and embrace, maybe for the last time. Then Mark tells them the time has come to part ways.