Romantic Getaways
S1 episode 9 Aired on March 12, 2019

This episode of Temptation Island follows eight final dates that each span 24 hours and include one night secluded at a hotel suite or seaside cottage. Read our recap to see how things went down.

Post-bonfire debrief

“I just don’t understand how he could forget everything we’ve been through,” Kaci says of Evan on the car ride back from the bonfire. “I’m so embarrassed.” Down at the Beach Villa, the guys debrief from their own bonfire. Karl talks about the conversation he wants to have with Nicole, and salutes Javen for staying strong throughout Temptation Island.

The final date

Mark heads to each villa to oversee the selection of a final 24-hour date. Those who aren’t selected are sent home: Erica, Hannah, and Rachel leave the Beach Villa, and Luna, Jack, and Scott leave the Mountain Villa.

Kaci and Val

With little pressure to hook up, Kaci and Val are left to have a great time out on the boat -- they drink drinks and do the Titanic pose. Val dedicates a backflip to her. Later, at a dinner, a sunburnt Val serves up some pineapple salad. They dissect Kaci’s relationship with Evan: “I almost feel like he never loved me,” she says. In the morning, she says that she’s no longer scared to break up with Evan. “He made the biggest mistake of his life, and I want it to haunt him forever.”

Evan and Morgan
On the deck of a boat, Evan make plans to meet Morgan’s family in DC and move her out to L.A. In confessional, he explains that where Kaci is trying to settle down, Morgan is more eager to go with the flow. “I’m not gonna lie; it turns me on,” he says. Morgan still harbors reservations, worried he won’t carry through with his promise to break up with Kaci.

John and Katheryn

The hotel John and Katheryn are staying at has dolphins, which just happens to be Katheryn’s favorite mammal. She squeals with delight at first sight, and even more so when they get in the water to play with the dolphins. They enjoy a candlelit dinner, discuss plans for getting Katheryn on a flight to Fort Worth, and kiss under a gazebo. John says their first date felt like a 5-year anniversary, and that he’s “90%” over the heartbreak levied upon him by Kady. Though he and Katheryn wake up happily, he admits to her that he doesn’t know what he’s going to say if Kady begs for him back.

Kady and Johnny

“I’ve never had fireworks with John, but with Johnny, I feel like I have a sparkler that could possibly turn into fireworks,” Kady says. She heads with Johnny to a little seaside cottage, where they have deep marshmallows and lament the end of their journey here. Kady says she’s looking forward to seeing her dog, and that she wants to have a discussion with John. Though she says that John doesn’t give her that “deep in-love feeling,” she admits that he was on her mind during the 24-hour date.

Javen and Kayla

Javen chose Kayla because she has supported him as a friend and “opened [him] up like a book.” Sipping from a coconut, Javen apprehensively escorts Kayla onto a helicopter for a joyride over Temptation Island’s jaw-dropping landscape. Later, he says, “this whole experience only brought me closer to my girlfriend,” and tells Kayla he might propose to Shari. She is 100% supportive and excited for him.

Shari and Justin

Shari has never spent 24 hours with any guy besides Javen until now. Justin calls their connection “playful,” with possibility for a “romantic twist if she feels like opening up.” He certainly piques her interest. They do guided yoga by the beach; then later hit the hot tub, where she says that she’s not totally sure whether or not she’s ready to settle down with Javen.

Karl and Brittney

Karl and Brittney soak in the expansive view from the deck of their hotel room and share a kiss before their massage. Karl doesn’t think he can slow down with Brittney at this point; the train has already left the station. “I adore you. I just want to eat you up sometimes,” Brittney tells him. And though Karl and Nicole had established ground rules prohibiting kissing and sex, he and Britney wind up sleeping together. Karl is conflicted throughout the date -- he thinks of and misses Nicole even as he tries to live in the moment.

Nicole and Tyler

“What’s most attractive to me about Tyler is he gets me in these deep conversations about life,” Nicole explains. The two of them have another #deep talk over a sumptuous steak dinner. Tyler wishes they had more time, telling her that Temptation Island is merely the “appetizer.” They enjoy champagne in the hot tub under the stars. While she has had at a transformative, Nicole tells Tyler she doesn’t “necessarily have faith that [Karl] is experiencing this journey in a similar way,” and that she’s realized she’s not deeply in love with him.

Goodbye forever?

As the couples return to the villas and swap stories of their 24-hour dates, Mark arrives with some unfortunate news. The singles have to leave the island, and it’s It’s time to say goodbye.