The Beginning of the End
S1 episode 8 Aired on March 5, 2019

Kady and Evan’s respective decision not to send their significant other a 30-second video message spoke louder than a video message ever could. In this episode, they both deal with the fallout of their decision, and six singles are chosen to leave Temptation Island.

Post-video message blues

Evan tells Morgan that the clip Kaci sent him was “just painful as f---” before assuring her that the clip hasn’t affected his mentality at all. Morgan is concerned he could go back to Kaci. Kaci doesn’t understand why Evan is acting the way he is, and is in still denial that he would have sex with someone else. Nicole realizes she may have compromised too much in her relationship with Karl. John begins to see Temptation Island as a blessing in disguise.

The mood is festive at the Mountain Villa at night -- they’re drinking and playing truth or dare, and Scott is taking naked leaps into the pool. But Kady isn’t in the mood after seeing John’s heartbreaking video message. She feels conflicted, selfish, and weak: “I didn’t think I would be this vulnerable in this situation.”

The scavenger hunt to end all scavenger hunts

The Beach Villa breaks up into teams of two for scavenger hunt. Each team must check 13 small challenges from a checklist, like taking a shot, shot-gunning a beer, and collecting three differently colored Hawaiian flowers from the yard. “There was a PG-13 lap dance. I’m like oh, what is happening?” Javen said. It’s a joyous affair, and Hannah and John come out as champions. “I think there was zero drama in the house because of the fact that Katheryn was asleep,” Hannah remarks.

Elimination: three must go from each house

Mark pops up at the Beach Villa to announce that three single girls must be eliminated. Lindsay, Allie, Kayla, and Jeffri wind up on the chopping block; Kayla stays. Up at the Mountain Villa, Jack, James, Wynn, and Carlos wind up on the chopping block, and Jack stays. Kady explains that Wynn was unnecessarily stirring the pot. She cries as she bids adieu to the three departing Temptation Island.

Only seven singles remain in each house.

Morgan and Evan make it Temptation Island official

“What are your intentions with my...self?” Morgan playfully asks Evan in front of the entire Beach Villa. Evan’s response shocks the spectators gallery: “You already know I asked you to be my girlfriend last night.” Meanwhile, Nicole finds it weird to even utter the word “boyfriend.” During a game of charades in Kaci’s room, Nicole cuddles with Tyler and asks him to sleep over. Later, in her bed, they make out.

Karl and Brittney get naked and take a dip in the pool. “It’s such a wonderful feeling to have with someone, massive physical chemistry and attraction combined with a playfulness that I have yet to ever experience as an adult,” Brittney says. But despite her advances, Karl won’t let her come to bed with him. Kady feels conflicted, due to the lack of time she has to figure everything out. John, who was fully recovered from the shock of seeing her in bed with Johnny, heads to the pool with Katheryn for a steamy out make-out session. “I’ll treat you like the man that you are,” Katheryn says.

Another intense bonfire

Nerves are once again high, heading into tonight’s bonfire, where Kaci once again dons headphones to watch a clip of Evan saying he asked Morgan to be his girlfriend. She says she’s numb at this point: “He’s just back to old Evan. He gets impulsive, he gets caught up in the moment, and it looks like he’s leaving me for another girl.” She adds that feels she’s bad for Morgan. Nicole is grossed out by footage of Karl and Brittney naked in the pool and determines that Karl is not ready to be deeply in love. Shari cracks up watching Javen get his lashes done by Kayla. Kady is hurt but not shocked to see John and Katheryn making out.

At the guys bonfire, Karl is hurt by footage of Tyler sleeping over in Nicole’s bed, and Mark points out that they are walking relatively parallels paths on Temptation Island. A clip of Johnny and Kady kissing doesn’t bother John as much the clip of them in bed together. Javen once again reacts positively to Shari’s personal growth. Evan watches a clip of Kaci saying it’s over if he sleeps with someone and tells Mark, “she’s given me ultimatum after ultimatum […] I’m done making excuses for it. I need to talk to her.”