Mixed Messages
S1 episode 7 Aired on February 26, 2019

Last week’s episode concluded with a dramatic bonfire where Kaci didn’t watch the full clip of Evan in bed with Morgan. This time, we pick up in the fallout of that bonfire and follow the Islanders in the lead-up to the 30-second video message they’re permitted to send to their significant others.

Post-bonfire fallout: lots of tears

After the bonfire, Kaci sits on her bed, crying, as a producer comforts her. “I don’t want to lose it and embarrass my family. I didn’t think it was going to go like this,” she says. “I don’t think you can even comprehend how hard this is for me.” Meanwhile, at the Beach Villa, the guys debrief after their own bonfire. Beside himself, John calls the footage of Kady and Johnny in bed a “punch to the gut.” “I don’t want to be with a weak woman,” he says. “She talks about me being a weak man, and then she goes and does this.” Evan, concerned about what the boys think of him, asks if John thinks he is weak for breaking the ground rules he set with Kaci. “The weakness is in your relationship,” Karl assures him.

Later, John, who is not the most emotive person in the world, breaks down in tears as the footage he saw at the bonfire starts to fully set in. Hannah is there to support him.

Dates: coconuts, massages, and snorkeling

Kaci picks Luna
Kady picks Johnny
Shari picks Justin
Nicole picks Tyler

Evan picks Morgan
John picks Hannah
Javen picks Erica
Karl picks Brittney

Kady smooches Johnny as they lounge under a giant parasol at the beach and John uses his date with Hannah as a sort of therapy session. Javen takes Erica paddle-boarding and has his first fresh coconut ever. Shari and Justin have a heart-to-heart at the pineapple shop. Luna tries to help Kaci out of her funk over lunch. Tyler and Nicole dissect her Temptation Island experience during a group massage.

Morgan and Evan go snorkeling; he continues to sweet-talk her, and they make out a lot in slow motion. This sort of falling-in-love experience has never happened to Morgan, and it makes her a bit apprehensive. “Might get hurt, might not,” she says. Karl and Brittney go on a sunset hike. “I’m the type of person who needs physical touch, so I’m trying very hard to just stay a faithful guy,” he tells her.

Wynn ruins his chance with Kady

The dates respectively segue into chilling and/or cuddling back at the villas. Evan tells Morgan he won’t be sending Kaci a 30-second video message; Morgan believes he’s scared to tell Kaci their relationship is over. Katheryn has given John space to process the shock of the bonfire, but now, as they dip their toes in the pool and sip wine, he tells her he’s looking for someone to really settle down with -- possibly her. She flashes a winsome smile: “After every storm there’s a rainbow.”

Wynn had an early edge in the race to Kady’s heart, but now it all finally comes crashing down. He approaches her to ask what happened with them, and she asks him to respect her courtship with Johnny. That night, after Kady has retired to her room with Johnny, Wynn comes a-knocking, asking for another chat. It does not go well.

The video messages

Karl’s message: He’s disappointed with some things he’s seen, but he wants to get together after Temptation Island and talk things through. [Nicole’s reaction: surprised he was judgmental than reflective.]

Nicole’s message: I’m glad we came, because it really made me realize our relationship has been surface-level, and these men and women here have made me realize there’s a whole new level of depth we can uncover in our relationship. So I’m not sure where you’re at, but I’m excited to get home and open my heart and soul to you and figure if we can communicate that… [Karl’s reaction: Agreement that their relationship has been surface-level.] 

Evan: Declines to send a message. [Evan, during confessional: “I respect her too much to try and tell her in 30 seconds that even though we may love each other doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to be together forever.”]

Kaci’s message: Though she’s seeing the old Evan reappear, she wants him to make her proud. “Be the man you want to be.” [Evan’s reaction: tears. “I f---ing miss Kaci so bad.”]

Shari’s message: She’s happy Temptation Island is giving them each the opportunity to grow as individuals. [Javen’s reaction: “That was nice.”]

Javen’s message: He hopes she’s building real connections. [Shari’s reaction: positive.]

John’s message: Tells her how much the bonfire videos have hurt his feelings [Kady’s reaction: feels awful and confused.]

Kady: Declines to send message. John’s reaction: Admission that he was planning on proposing if she could make it through Temptation Island.]

The guys debrief after the each watch their message. Evan is a complete wreck: “I don’t want to be no fucking monster,” he says.