Head in the Sand
S1 episode 6 Aired on February 19, 2019

Last week’s episode of Temptation Island was completely unhinged. This week, the stakes continue to rise: four (4) singles are eliminated and sent home, and one newly minted item makes love for the first time. On Temptation Island, there is no bottom to Cupid’s quiver.

Elimination: the population of Temptation Island shrinks by four 

Mark informs the guys that they must pick two single ladies to send home. John is keen to get rid of Hannah because she criticized his entire approach to Temptation Island. But ultimately Hannah makes the cut and Tara and Sheldyn are chosen to leave the island. It’s elimination time up at Mountain Villa as well -- the ladies send Matt and Cameron packing.

After the elimination, John explains his issues with Hannah to Katheryn and expresses a desire to grow closer to her. “Can we just pull this necklace off and have our first date and have some fun?” he asks. Hannah tries to talk to Brittney about the John situation but only ends up annoying her. 

Evan and Morgan take things to the next level

Kaci continues to have trouble connecting with the single guys. Before Matt was eliminated, he failed in his attempts to charm her. (“I am not enjoying talking to Matt. He’s kind of awkward. I think he’s going to freak out if he doesn’t get a date soon.”) The thought of the love she and Evan share buttresses her spirit. “I know Evan and I know the love we really have for each other is going to outweigh this fantasy bubble-land with this girl that he barely knows,” she says. “I just hope he doesn’t push the boundaries and the guidelines of what we set.”

Morgan tells Evan that she’s worried he may end up with Kaci. “It seems too good to be true, and it might be,” she says. Evan the Charmer tells her that he’s falling in love with her, and that night they make sweet love for the first time. Evan whips up some scrambled eggs in the morning. “I couldn’t fight it any longer last night, and we had an amazing night together,” he says. “I’m so happy, but I do understand the repercussions that are going to come with it.” Poor Kaci.

Pillow talk

With no dates this episode, the denizens of Temptation Island are left to their own devices. Javen has a major breakthrough -- he allows Kayla into his room to help him fold and iron his laundry… As Johnny’s attraction and bond to Kady grows, so does his frustration with her indecisiveness. As they lie in bed together, Kady tells him that she’s torn, but later in confessional, she admits that she “sort of knows the answer.”

Nicole, Shari, and Kaci convene on Kaci’s bed. Nicole talks about the fundamentally new perspective  on her relationship with Karl her experience on Temptation Island has given her. Shari is proud of her personal growth, and vows to be a better girlfriend to Javen. “I’m starting to realize it takes less energy to accept love and be vulnerable than to keep fighting it,” she says. Kaci explains how she wants to work to tear down the emotional walls she’s built up if her and Evan make it through Temptation Island. After Mark informs them that there will be a bonfire tonight, Kaci says that she wants to be with Evan forever, and she didn’t think he would have sex with somebody else. “That would be crazy,” she tells Kady.

Guys’ bonfire: no regrets

Evan finds himself in a challenging, zero-sum situation. But he says he’s found clarity, and that he regrets nothing. “I don’t regret anything, bottom-f---ing-line,” he says. “I love Kaci, I don’t know if we’re meant for each other at this point in time.” At the bonfire, he is relieved to see footage of Kaci dancing and letting loose. Javen has a similar reaction to seeing Shari dance: “This is what I want to see from her.” Karl is less than thrilled to see that Nicole has invited another man into her bed at this point in Temptation Island. “You’ve allowed this man into your bed. Brittney’s been on me, it’s been tough to not reciprocate,” he says. John had hoped the separation would make Kady realize she’s taken him for granted. Instead, he feels betrayed when Mark shows him footage of her lying in bed with Johnny. “I need a strong woman that can fight temptation, and she obviously can’t,” he says.

Mark reveals that everyone is allowed to send a 30-second message to their significant other, if they so choose.

Girls’ bonfire: Kaci uses headphones

The girls are all extremely curious to see what their respective boyfriends have been up to -- all except Kaci, who says, “I just need to get through my time here.” At the bonfire, Nicole explains to Mark that Temptation Island is making her realize that her relationship with Karl is relatively “surface level.” Kady is wracked by guilt over her connection with Johnny, though she feels less guilty after watching Katheryn and John share a brief kiss. Kaci chooses to wear headphones to watch her clip; as Evan and Morgan start to get intimate, she closes her eyes: “If he’s going to revert back to his old ways and be a cheater… I just need to move on, I don’t need to subject myself to watching it actually happen.”