Rules are Made to be Broken
S1 episode 5 Aired on February 12, 2019

Last episode, we witnessed the first kiss of Temptation Island. This episode, things get much crazier for nearly every couple. News that the bonfire is cancelled turns each villa into a bacchanal. The liquor is flowing, the people are dancing… all bets are off.

Emotions run high at the bonfire

The episode picks up where the last one left off -- at the ladies’ bonfire, where Mark has just shown Kaci footage of Evan kissing Morgan. “I feel numb,” she says, wiping away tears.  “All I want to do is love him.” Shari breaks down after watching a clip of Javen opening up to the flirtatious wiles of Brittney. “I don’t feel connected with him anymore,” she says. “It’s like I don’t know who he is right now.”

Back at the Beach Villa, the guys debrief after their bonfire. John explains that he doesn’t plan on cheating, unless he sees Kady kiss someone else, in which case he “might completely go savage.” Later in the episode, Hannah informs John that this mentality is emotionally manipulative towards the single girls.

Dates: Luaus and lazy beach chill sessions

Kaci picks Jack
Kady picks Johnny
Shari picks James (to Scott’s chagrin)
Nicole picks Tyler

Evan picks Morgan
John picks Lindsay
Javen picks Hannah
Karl picks Brittney 

While John and Karl treat their dates to a nautical roller coaster (“We’re getting wet, bitches!” – Karl), Javen and Hannah frolic on the beach. He even applies suntan lotion to her shoulders. “That was pretty big for me,” he says. Evan and Morgan dine on grapefruit and make out in the shallows. “It definitely feels like Evan is my boyfriend,” she says later. Evan: “The chemistry between Morgan and I is to the point of scaring the s--- out of me. It’s just insane.” Kaci and Kady bring their dates to a luau; Johnny’s knack for a traditional Hawaiian variant of lawn bowling only deepens Kady’s attraction to him. “He’s a winner,” she says. Meanwhile, Karl relaxes in a hammock with Brittney draped over his leg, and Nicole goes on her best date yet with Tyler. 

Katheryn hosts an unofficial date with John, plus oodles of aquatic cuddling

Frustrated by the necklace that prevents her from going on a date with John, Katheryn arranges a date of her own with him up on a patio of the Beach Villa. She spills her feelings for him, then listens as he explains that, unless certain events transpire, he isn’t willing to give up on Kady and give into temptation. Though this wasn’t the sort of affirmative response Katheryn had hoped for, their lips do brush after a tender hug. John argues that this doesn’t qualify as a kiss.

Some incredibly sensual aquatic cuddling (but not kissing!) takes place this episode: between Kady and Johnny, between Karl and Brittney, and between Evan and Morgan, who eventually head up to Evan’s room, only for an unsure Morgan to return downstairs.

No bonfire means party!!

Mark drops by the Mountain Villa to let the girls know there will be no bonfire night. They are beyond thrilled, and proceed to let loose more than ever before on Temptation Island. Kaci unleashes a torrent of unforeseen dance moves, and even Shari dances a little bit. A full-on love triangle has formed between Kady, Wynn, and Johnny; Kady grinds on Wynn and asks him if he thinks Johnny is jealous. Johnny grows frustrated with Carlos, whom he deems the biggest block of the evening, before briefly returning with Kady to her room, where nothing significant happens between them. “I’m very, very, very confused,” she tells him. A similar event occurs in Nicole’s room, where Tyler gives her a massage as she tries to fall asleep.

Mark also saves the boyfriends from the bonfire, and they throw a cocktail party at the Beach Villa. Jaws drop when Karl comes down in a suit. Everyone gets down on the dance floor, and John laments that he can’t dance to save his life. Tara opens up and dabs the sweat beads coursing down Karl’s barrel chest, but she can’t quite compete with the sexual chemistry that has been building between Karl and Brittney. When Britney asks if she should spend the night in his room, he tells her, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Not surprisingly, the steamiest moment of the evening occurs between Evan and Morgan. “I came into this experience with some ground rules with Kaci, and I’m learning that some of those ground rules are going out the window,” Evan says. They head up to his room and come very close to having sex, but Evan refuses to give in -- at least for now. He feels too much guilt: “My happiness with Morgan is going to tear [Kaci] apart.”