Rock My World
S1 episode 4 Aired on February 5, 2019

In this very juicy episode of Temptation Island, two new singles arrive at the villas and we witness the first kiss of the season! Read our exhaustive recap to get caught up.

Blood pressure rises at the ladies’ bonfire

Every bonfire has tested each woman’s belief that their relationship will survive Temptation Island, and this one is no different. While Shari resolves to be more stoic and Nicole resolves to be more empathetic, Kady and Kaci are increasingly worried that their men are leaving them behind. “I saw Evan with one of the girls and I don’t like it at all,” she says after watching footage of Evan bonding with Morgan.  “My anxiety is out of control.” Walking away from the bonfire, she tells the girls that she doesn’t think Evan is going to make it.

Evan and Morgan are still heating up

Kaci isn’t wrong. That same night at the Beach Villa, Evan and Morgan have a hot tub pow-wow. Evan tells her that their chemistry is “honestly starting to rattle my cage a little bit.” Up at the Mountain Villa, Kaci decompresses with some beer pong. Dr. Johnny whips up some guacamole. Wynn continues to charm Kady. Matt, one of the single guys, decides he needs to be more aggressive in order to score a date. This plan immediately backfires in his face. 

Goodbye Roman, goodbye Cathleen

The next morning, a new single named Cameron appears on the island, and the women have an opportunity to bring him aboard and kick an existing single off. Despite Matt’s misstep, they opt to kick off Roman, who takes his dismissal with grace. The single guys shun Cameron. “We got this guy Cameron coming in. He looks like Jimmy Neutron and Dexter,” Val says. A new single woman named Lindsay (with whom Evan once matched on a dating app) arrives as well, and the boyfriends send Cathleen packing.

Date three: pineapple farm, ocean rafting, fish tacos, and scuba-snorkeling

Kaci picks Val
Kady picks Carlos
Shari picks Luna
Nicole picks Jack

Evan picks Morgan
John picks Tara
Javen picks Allie
Karl picks Jeffri 

While Nicole and Jack and Shari and Luna skin pineapples with a machete at the local pineapple plantation, Carlos and Kady and Val and Kaci head for more conventional dates at a local taco shack. Javen takes Allie scuba-snorkeling. “It’s amazing, I never knew [scuba-snorkeling] even existed,” he says. “I’m having a good time. I’ve got my pecs out… and Allie has her bikini on. I’m looking at her as a person, but she’s definitely got buns.”

The first kiss of Temptation Island

At the Beach Villa, Katheryn brings everyone together for shots and a series of flirtatious dares. Javen declines to give a lap dance, and Karl passes his challenge to do a body shot to Evan, who then sips tequila from Morgan’s navel. John licks peanut butter off of Erica’s chest. “I need some milk!” he yells. Later, Evan and Morgan share an intimate moment. “I only have eyes for you, girl,” Evan tells her, before leaning in for a tender smooch.

At the Mountain Villa, Kady cozies up to Wynn in the hot tub. “You are the only guy who could rock my world,” she tells him. Tyler continues his attempts to woo Nicole, who is receptive but admits, “I don’t think I can really open up all the way in this kind of scenario.”

Another soul-crushing bonfire

Karl sheds his first tears of Temptation Island: “I play tough… but I miss [Nicole],” he says. “I didn’t think I was capable of missing her to this extent.” Evan expresses little sympathy after watching a clip of Kaci telling the girls she wasn’t emotionally ready for this experience. “I’m all in and she’s not,” he says. “I can’t walk that shit back.” He and Kaci are worlds apart. Later at the ladies’ bonfire, she comes face to face with footage of Evan kissing Morgan. “It’s like torture. I’m literally being tortured.”