The Epiphany
S1 episode 3 Aired on January 29, 2019

Episode three of Temptation Island picks up right where episode two left off -- at the women’s bonfire, where Shari is in the midst of an emotional crisis. Footage of Javen flirting at the Beach Villa brought back the heartbreak she felt when he cheated years ago.

Post-bonfire feels

Now, the other women must confront select footage of their boyfriends in action on Temptation Island. Kady suffers the indignity of watching John tell a girl that if they break up, she would have to move out, because he bought the house. Nicole articulates the double standard she believes Karl holds in their relationship, and Kaci expresses some degree of happiness that Evan is opening up. But she also expresses regret for risking their relationship by coming to the Island, and back at the house, mascara streams down her cheeks as she comes to a realization: “The few things that are issues with me and Evan are so small. I’m so scared. My family puts a lot of pressure on me. I feel like we wouldn’t be here doing this if it wasn’t for me giving him that stupid ultimatum [to get engaged].” Shari feels the same. “I need to talk to Javen,” she says. “It’s tearing me up inside. I feel empty inside right now.”

Date two: horseback riding and zip-lining 

Kaci picks Justin
Kady picks Wynn
Shari picks Tyler
Nicole picks James

Evan picks Morgan
John picks Rachel
Javen picks Erica
Karl picks Allie

Javen and Shari both selected their dates for their laidback energy. Kady is immediately smitten with Wynn, who is cool and casual and exhibits an appealing combination of depth and humor -- all while riding a horse! Meanwhile, over at the zip-lining ropes, the women take note of John’s package size (!!), which is accentuated by his harness. John bounces back from his dumpster fire of a first date with a smoother, more productive conversation with the easy-going Rachel. Evan is a nervous wreck and badly wants to impress Morgan; she forgives him, and -- over glasses of champagne -- they start over.

Post-date shenanigans: Detective Javen, talent shows

Back at the Beach Villa, the single ladies kill time during the dates by conspiring to write a message from a secret admirer in lipstick on Javen’s bathroom mirror. Upon his return, Javen discovers the mirror and transforms into detective mode in order to identify the culprit(s). “When I find out who did this, I’ll persecute them [sic],” he says, “to the fullest extent of my law.” Evan and Morgan continue to bond, having completed a full 180 from a rocky start. “Today was kind of a perfect day,” he tells her. Later, in confessional, he admits that he is developing a bit of a crush.

Up at the Mountain Villa, Kady asks the single guys to put on a talent show. Luna breakdances. Val prefaces a freestyle rap battle with Dr. Johnny by telling the judges, “Ladies, this is nothing but charm, skill, and beauty.” Jack recites a poem he penned that causes Nicole to cry. Later, the two of them have a nice heart-to-heart chat. “I’m realizing that Karl and I haven’t opened up as deeply as I thought within our relationship,” she says. And being able to open up and be vulnerable with somebody that I just met, it’s a whole new perspective to me on a relationship and what I need to be striving for.” 

The guys return to the bonfire 

The guys brace themselves for what they might see at bonfire number two. Karl and Javen are unphased by the footage Mark shows them of their girlfriends. John is still hung up about the comment Kady made last week questioning his ability to effectively rear a child; he reveals that his own father committed suicide about five years ago. Evan is stung watching Kaci’s date say “a cheater is a cheater.” “That hurts,” he says.