Single Again
S1 episode 2 Aired on January 22, 2019

This week’s episode of Temptation Island picks up right after dinner where the couples have spent their last quality time together. In the girls’ ride home, the nature of this love odyssey is just starting to hit them. They’re basically single, and so are their boyfriends. “These girls are confident,” Kaci says of the single ladies. “They’re ready to get my guy, and my guy is frickin’ hot.”

Return to the villas

Back at the Mountain Villa, the single guys eagerly greet the girls, who instead opt for PJs and wine. Val thinks they are scared to talk to them. “I’ve got a lot of love in this little body,” he says. “Let me spread it out like butter on a multigrain bread.” Meanwhile, at the Beach Villa, Katheryn the “forbidden fruit” continues to flirt with John and Evan informs a crowd of ladies that he’s a “sucker for natural beauties.” “Maybe the grass is greener, maybe it’s not,” he says later. “But I’m definitely gonna find out.”

Pick a date

Kari picks Sheldon

John picks Hannah

Javen picks Kayla

Evan picks Brittney

Shari picks James

Kaci picks Carlos

Nicole picks Tyler (Karl is not surprised. “I know she likes chocolates.”)

Kady picks Johnny

Katheryn keeps her foot on the gas pedal

The sun goes down and the liquor begins to flow at both houses. Down at the Beach Villa, Karl tears up the dance floor. Javen attempts to fend off the advances of Katheryn. When he goes to bed, she turns to Evan, and they go to the interview room to do a confessional together. Morgan leaps to the defense of Brittney, who has a date with Evan in the early morning, and interrupts their interview. Katheryn and Morgan end up in a late-night shouting match in the bunk bed room as a bewildered Evan attempts to mediate. Brittney cannot sleep and is mad at Evan.

First dates: ATVs and snorkeling

The first dates of Temptation Island consist of riding ATVs and snorkeling. While Karl and John both display a fair amount of rust and nerves and don’t make much progress with their respective dates, others have more success. Kacy’s date with Johnny makes her realize that her questions about her relationship with John were valid.

The bonfire reveals all

At the end of the night, the guys visit Mark at a bonfire to rehash the events and check in on their girlfriends. Mark shows each guy a brief clip of their girlfriend’s activity and gives them the option of watching with headphones or in or with their fellow guys. They each opt to watch as a group. John feels stung when he watches Kady remark that he wouldn’t make a good father. But his aggravation is nothing compared to that of Shari’s, who breaks down crying at the girls’ bonfire when she watches video footage of Javen and Kathryn flirting. “I’m honestly done,” she says.